Thursday, October 4, 2012

The best...

I am thankful my mother was always concerned about my well being.

Seems to go without saying, right?  That a mother would be concerned about the well being of their daughter.  But these days, with the break down in the family unit and modern women investing more time in their careers than in their children, it's not always the case.

My mother always looked out for my best interest.  When I was fifteen and my face broke out in a million huge cysts and she couldn't get me in to see a dermatologist in any less than four weeks, she convinced my jaw surgeon to write me a prescription for something for my face at a post-surgical appointment.  Any time I started to cough, she prompted me to get to the doctor before it got out of hand and to get plenty of rest.  Last year, when I turned thirty-five and my gynecologist said it was time for a mammogram, she wouldn't accept the two places to which he refers his patients.

"I want you to go to the Kirklin Clinic."
"Oh, okay..."

I agreed with her at the time, but I had no intentions of going way out of my way to downtown Birmingham to have a routine mammogram.  But, after mulling it over in my mind, and since she passed, I realize why she had the desire for me to go there.  It's the best place in the area to go.  Probably the best mammography/radiology department in the state.  And that's where the best doctors for the treatment of breast cancer are located.  And she would want me to have the best imaginable care, especially considering a radiologist in Montgomery misdiagnosed her breast cancer so many years ago.

My mother had a way of getting what she wanted.  Like that jaw surgeon that prescribed me antibiotics for my broken out face.  And like today when I made the thirty minute drive downtown to the Kirklin Clinic for my mammogram.  She got what she wanted from most everyone because her intentions were always sincere... she only wanted the best for anyone she loved.  I was lucky enough to be one of the people she loved while she was on this earth.

Thank you, Lord, that my mother cared so deeply for me while she was living, and that she did everything within her power to provide the best for me.  Not always everything I wanted, but always the best of what I needed.  

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Erika Kaplan said...

These are beautiful. I love you!