Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am with you...

My mother gave me the most amazing gift.  This little book that speaks to me in ways I never dreamed a little book could.

This morning, I read the following:
I am with you, I am with you, I am with you.  Heaven's bells continually peal with that promise of My presence.  Some people never hear those bells because their minds are earthbound and their hearts are closed to Me.  Others hear the bells only once or twice in their lifetimes, in rare moments of seeking Me above all else.  My desire is that My "sheep" hear My voice continuously, for I am the ever-present Shepherd
Quietness is the classroom where you learn to hear My voice.  Beginners need a quiet place in order to still their minds.  As you advance in this discipline, you gradually learn to carry the stillness with you wherever you go.  When you step back into the mainstream of life, strain to hear those glorious bells: I am with you, I am with you, I am with you.
{Jesus Calling, October 30th, Sarah Young}

I am with you.

He always is.  And He is always the same.  This has been most comforting in my ever-changing life.  I am living out a life I never dreamed possible... a world without my mother, the single most influential person in my life, my confidant, my friend.  I think back to when I knew the cancer would take her, long before she looked sick or had lost her hair for the second time, and I remember thinking, "I won't be able to live without her!"

Oh, but God knew better.  He always does.  He believes the things about us that we don't think are possible, for nothing is impossible with Him (Matthew 19:26).  He began a work inside of me that I couldn't explain, a living, breathing Work.  And He began to bathe over my soul with His healing and His Hope.

I look around the world today, one so busy and selfish and seemingly corrupt at every angle, and I am saddened.  I am sad that others haven't seen the God I have seen.  Haven't felt Him in their hearts, carried His love inside.  They are stressed and worn down by the weight of this sinful place, by the loss the sinful worlds brings upon us, by the endless and pointless worry.

If your mother dies from cancer at 65, it will be okay.
If your candidate for president doesn't win next week, it will be okay.
If hurricane Sandy has wrecked your home and your life, it will be okay.
If you've lost a friend in an argument, can't pay your bills this month and maybe the next, your car wouldn't start this morning, your kid told you they hate you, your marriage is broken, your dishwasher is broken, your cat threw up on the comforter.... no matter what the worldly problem is, it will be okay.

The glory of and with God is that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  He has ample supply of Love, Hope, Peace, and Forgiveness.  And in Him is the Power to get up every single day and live, even when we think all is lost.  Because our earthly losses can be dealt with.  And He promises to use them for good in our lives (Romans 8:28).

Now I am not saying that our earthly troubles don't cause us to shed tears and give us anxiety, because I know they do!  But allow God to speak over those fears and worries and whisper His promises into your heart.  He will take care of you.  I know, because He has given me every little thing I have needed in the last 191 days without my Mama.  Every little thing I needed on every single one of those days.

If you doubt that it's possible, pull out your Bible and read what Jesus had to say about it... Matthew 6:25-33.

I will write more tomorrow on getting up and living, a post that's been brewing in my mind over the past few days.  For today, I am praying that the peace of God washes over your heart today if you have read these words.

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