Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I am thankful for her housecoats.

I slipped it on one day at the house when I got chilly.  My dad had the fan running on high, and I was cold.  It was hanging over the back of the high top bar stools in the kitchen like she would just walk in there and put it on herself.  Instead she lie all together motionless but for the labored breaths she took.

My mom was almost always cold except when she worked in the the yard in the thick of summer.  I am typically pretty cold natured, too, and I love to have a warm blanket or a cozy sweater to put on when I am in the house.  Several years ago, my mom gave me a cozy housecoat (for lack of a better term) for Christmas.  It wasn't a robe, but rather it was more like a jacket that you wear indoors.  It zipped up the front and was made from the same material those thick fluffy socks are made from.  I wore it until it was worn out.  I finally threw it away at the end of this past winter.

Mom had two of these housecoats of her own.  One was brown and zipped up the front like mine.  The other was creamy winter white and just lay open with no closures in the front.  That's the one that I slipped on at her house that day.  When I left that night, I put it back in its place just in case the miracle we all secretly wished for happened over night and she might need it again.

When my father and I started going through my mother's clothes, I was happy to take the two housecoats.  Not just because they were hers, but also because I knew that I would actually be able to use them, and that in using them, I would be reminded of her.

The mornings have been chilly lately, and because the temperatures like to soar back up to hot in the afternoons, I don't turn the heater on.  Instead, I have been reaching for one of those warm and cozy jackets my mom used to wear.  In a way, it feels a little weird when I where her stuff.  But in this other way, it's so comforting.  To know that she wore it not so very long ago.  To know that it made her warm.  To know that in this weird way she is wrapped around me.

I am so thankful for her housecoats.  They keep me warm, both body and soul.

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