Saturday, October 13, 2012


I am thankful for the Gammie that she was.

Yesterday, I bought Madalyn three shirts at TJMaxx.  I showed them to her last night, and there was a long sleeve one with a few rhinestones and flowers and stuff at the top.  I told her that it made me think of Christmas.  She said, "It makes me think of Gammie."

I don't know what it is that stands out in her mind, but plenty does when it comes to her Gammie.  She will call me out to the driveway to look at the stars only to tell me that it makes her think about Gammie.  She is incredibly protective of anything her Gammie bought for her.  She is forever linked to her Gammie though she only knew her for seven years.

David, too.  Not as vocally as Madalyn, but it's there inside his heart.  My kids knew that she adored them.  There was no doubt.  And I could see it, too.

I hate it that they lost their Gammie so early in their lives, but I love it that she left such an impression on their heart.  And I know that one day they will look back at her spirit differently.  They will see what a strong fighter she was, and it will seep into their souls.  And they will see her for the woman she was, not just as their Gammie.

I am so thankful for the Gammie that she was, for the love that will live on in their hearts.

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