Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anniversary band...

I am thankful for her anniversary band.

I was with my dad the day he bought it.  I made a fuss about the anniversary band being yellow gold and her bridal set being white.  It didn't match, and that bothered me.

When she passed, I took it to have it sized to fit my right hand.  It's simple, the way she was.  Tiny diamonds across the top.  When my hands swell, which is a lot, I take off my own wedding band and solitaire and put the anniversary band on my left hand.

Sadly, right now, I think I wear it there more than my wedding band.  At least I still look married.

It's not a big rock of a diamond.  It's nothing fancy and expensive that would make anyone drool over.  But I wouldn't trade it for a million dollars.  I really wouldn't.

I am thankful for her anniversary band.  And I find it something other than ironic that my wedding set is yellow gold.  It matched after all.


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Kristin said...

It matches yours! God is so, so, so good. :)