Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Best Friends

The year was 1984.  Velcro and Caprisuns were still fresh phenomenons.  We were both selected for a new concept at the little private Christian school, the combined second and third grade class.  Chance made us friends.

We both had brown hair and brown eyes.  So many striking similarities, but yet so different.  Back then, I was the more quiet of the two.  We were both equally competitive and bright, and I remember her getting the coveted perfect attendance award that year.  I would have gotten it too, but I yacked all over my desk and missed a few days with strep.

I moved away the summer after fourth grade, and then back again right before the ninth grade school year started.  I remember calling her when I got back, and then running into her at a youth group thing at church, and we just picked up right where we left off.  That's what friends do.  Their hearts remember one another, and time and space become irrelevant.

Eighteen years later, she is still my bestest friend.  I am definitely the louder of the two of us now, but we are both still equally bright and competitive.  We now buy velcro shoes and Caprisuns for our own children, which still seems crazy to me.  Do the powers that be realize they have entrusted the two of us with real children?

She's the one I can send a random text to at any time during the day or night.  Most of them would make little or no sense to anyone else in the world, but they do to her with no questions asked or judgements made.  She's one of a hand full of people that I can ask to pray for me, and I know without doubt that she will.  She knows me to the core of my soul, and I know her the same.  And today, I celebrate her on her birthday.

Happy birthday, Erika!  Hope it is a lovely day!


Brandee said...

Tamara, that is so awesome to have a best friend for that long! Although I haven't had the same one that long I have had a few women in my life that I feel the same way about. One in college and one in my life right now. BFFs are such gifts from God!

God Bless Sister. Happy Easter!

Rebecca said...

Love this!

Erika said...

I love you too! And that was the only year I got perfect attendance! How I achieved that elite status is still a mystery.