Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We made the trip this morning to see Santa.  Every year, once school lets out for the holidays, we make the drive to the big mall nearby to visit him and have our picture made.  I used to go to the Galleria in Hoover, but they changed Santas a few years ago, and I nicknamed the new one Butter Teeth.  I am not trying to be particular, but if I am going to wait in line and pay for a photo, then I at least want Santa's teeth to be as white or whiter than his beard.  So last year, we went to a much smaller mall in Vestavia and waited a shorter amount of time and were grateful that Santa had pretty teeth.

The car ride to the mall was filled with talk about what would be asked for.  David reiterated that all he really wanted was an Xbox.  Madalyn has had quite the time this year narrowing down her wishes.  Number one on her list is a hamster.  Well, in all honesty, on the list she made at school, she requested eight hamsters.  Why eight, I don't know.  I don't think she realizes that we would have close to 100 by next year's end if we had eight stinking hamsters in a cage together.  Nor does she realize that Mama doesn't do critters in the house.  I have informed her that Santa must have written approval before delivering live animals for Christmas gifts, and that I will not be granting permission for any such thing.

Also on her list is eight puppies, a kitten, a chalkboard, clothes, hang earrings, school supplies, and a few other things that she couldn't remember and couldn't interpret from her own handwriting.  Surprisingly, though, those weren't on her mind this morning.  She announced that she'd be asking Santa for $20,000 so that she could go to the Dollar Tree and buy everything.  In a way, I almost wanted her to ask for the money... maybe we'd have a Miracle on 34th Street type Christmas miracle and get exactly what she asked for.  But then the adult in me realized that not even Santa has $20,000 to spare at this point.

When they finally made it to Santa's lap, David completely changed his tune and asked for an Ipod touch. Madalyn asked for Christmas songs.  And me... well, I just took it all in.  I know these days are fleeting.  I know the moment they logically dismiss away the magic is fast approaching.  Truth is, I enjoy the magic as much as they do.  The wishes.  The dreaming.  The wonder and delight.  It reminds me of a time when life was simple and imagination was big.  It's a place I can visit with through my kids where there is no cancer and no bills.  And I will miss it when it's gone.

So Merry Christmas to all my friends out there!  Wishing you all the happiness and magic the season has to offer, and hoping you will take some time to thank God for the amazing gift of Jesus He has given us!

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