Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's been a week...

Boxes and trees. Dropping a large ornament on my foot. Lights that work and others that don't. Strep. Again. Doctor. Again. It's been a week.

I have officially given the pediatrician's office $192 in the past 30 days, and I still owe them $80. You see, in the month of November, we were technically without health insurance. We were eligible for Cobra coverage, but I didn't receive paperwork for that until the latter part of the month. And why pay $785 for coverage when you can just pay your doctor outright for two visits? It's a lot cheaper that way I have discovered. So the new insurance was effective December 1st which corresponded nicely with this statement from Madalyn: "My throat hurts." I let it ride for a couple of days mainly because her fever never climbed above 100.5, until yesterday when I took a peak in her throat with a little flash light. I'm no doctor, but what I saw alarmed my uneducated eyes, and I knew we needed to go in for a throat swab.

It was positive. And since we just had strep in the early days of November, the doctor didn't want to put her on the same antibiotic again. And since Madalyn is allergic to the penicillin family, the only choice was this absolutely awful tasting stuff. There are no words really to describe just how awful it tastes. We were given capsules and told to sprinkle the contents into food... apple sauce, pudding cup, ice cream. She said to do whatever it took to get it in her three times a day for ten days. I may as well have been sentenced to ten days in the pits of hell.

I tried mixing it in with a bowl of grits. I mean, it's just a wee bit of medicine. How bad oculd it be? I took a little taste and nearly died. The only person who would have eaten that bowl of grits would be one of those adventurous souls who set out to hike a mountain by them self and ended up lost for five days in the wild forced to eat leaves off trees and drink water from puddles on the forest floor. And even they might gag a little when they tasted it.

I eventually got it down her throat by mixing it with a spoon full of frozen strawberry daiquiri mix (and for those of you out there that happen to think like my own mother and are posing the question in your mind, let me state that the frozen mix DOES NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL, thankyouverymuch). My sister in law had used a similar trick with frozen grape juice concentrate, but there was no way I was making another trip to the store, so I used what we had left over from the summer. The windows were open in my house when the event went down, and I am certain the entire neighborhood heard the play by play, but we got the medicine inside her body. One time. And now she claims she is NEVER taking it again. NEVER. It should be a fun ten days for me (three times a day, at that).

The plus side is that just after one dose, Madalyn slept the entire night without getting up with fever or to cuddle with me and take over the king sized bed. I feel like a new person. Hopefully God refilled my patience bucket while I slept. Please, Lord, tell me You refilled it. It's too early to tell at this point as I haven't forced strawberry daiquiri mix laced with putrid antibiotic powder down my daughter's throat yet. Check back with me later...

Other than force feeding medicine to my child, my plans for today include NOT A WHOLE LOT OF ANYTHING. I started reading The Help over Thanksgiving week, and I want to sit down with it for a little while today and immerse myself in another world that does not involve my children, off brand liquid ibuprofen, and washing my hands 2,593 times a day.

Happy Saturday. Hope it's a good one!

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