Thursday, December 15, 2011

In no particular order...

Random thoughts by me, and in no particular order:

Don't mistake my kindness for a weakness. Oh, and don't mistake it for stupidity either. I am neither weak nor stupid; I simply choose (most of the time) to be kind.

Madalyn wishes that school never existed because she is tired and is bored at school. I wish it never existed so I didn't have to get her dressed and out the door five mornings a week. Oh, and make her sit down to read and do spelling. It's just not her thing.

Patience is a virtue, and I hope there's a large tank of it somewhere waiting on me to tap into it. Like a big ole' water tank full of copious amounts of the blessed virtue. Something tells me that I'm gonna need lots of it in the days to come.

Do you know what a batch of brownies looks like after it has baked in the oven for an hour and a half? I do...

Nothing says Merry Christmas like the ginormous, bright red zit on my nose. Think Rudolph.

As of tonight, Madalyn will have finished an entire bottle of the putrid tasting antibiotic, 27 of the capsules swallowed. If you don't think this is an accomplishment, I have no idea why you bother to read my blog.

I wonder when the phrase it is what it is will lose its meaning in my life. Maybe when I am 87. Maybe then I won't have to remind myself that things are simply what they are. Or maybe I really won't care.

Why is it that when I go to the store nearly every day in a week that I forget the same item every single time? The answer is Qtips, folks. I will buy them today. I WILL.

Another thing I am pondering is why some box brownie mixes are for an 8x8 pan, others for 9x9, and still others for 9x13 (aka family size). I happen to think they should all be the latter, because there is nothing better than fudgy brownies for the entire family. I seem to have a lot to say about brownies, don't I?

I broke all the Alabama Child Nutrition guidelines yesterday at the elementary school. What are they gonna do? Fire me from being room mom? I dare them... better yet, I think I am sort of begging them to...

Some days it's easier to keep your sanity in check. Today is one of the harder days. Do you notice that I tend to have these type posts on my difficult days? It helps to get it out. I am sorry you are the victim today. But it's better you than one of my children.


Marsha said...

This might be my favorite.

Rebecca said...

Love this post!