Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween and such...

I am shooting pretty bad this morning. My sinuses are killing me. And they're full of all kinds of strange stuff. I have ulcers in my mouth (possibly related to this nasty cold I am fighting). Oh, and I stabbed myself in the thumb with a needle while sewing a fuchsia feather boa to Madalyn's vampire cape, so that is inflamed as well. So all that combined makes it a good day to sit in my chair, read, and blog.

We did something different this year than we've done the past several years. We stayed at home. For the past four years, we've gone to a friend's house in another neighborhood. But several weeks ago, David started saying he wanted to stay in our neighborhood this year. I didn't react to it much at first, and I was a little worried about whether both kids would agree about what to do. But ultimately both of them told me they'd like to trick or treat at home this year, so we went with that. They had a lot of fun, and it was fun to be able to pass out candy at our own house again.

Madalyn was a vampire. When she first mentioned her costume choice to me, I was not impressed at all. But then my mind started spinning about how I could make it unique, and
I decided we could make it cute. I ordered a plain black cape from Amazon, and I found a hot pink boa I could sew onto the outside edge. I cut the shape of the collar out of a twenty cent
piece of felt and basted it to the cape over a line of fabric glue. I decided to cut the felt a little smaller than the actual collar just to make it look a little different. The best part about Madalyn's costume was that all the other pieces were just stuff from her closet or that she can wear in normal life. She wore a cute long sleeve tee shirt from Old Navy under her cape to
complete the sassy vampire look. She fought with me about the makeup, but once she saw herself in the mirror, she knew it rounded the costume out perfectly! For an idea I wasn't too keen on, I ended up enjoying putting her together more this year than I ever have.

David, being ten, opted for the weird mask
with jeans thing. He found this sleeve thing that has a nasty wound and a bolt running t
hrough it that he wore on his arm. Total expense for David's get-up... $10. I am liking the older age boy thing, even though I miss the cute costumes.

I cleaned out the buckets this morning. David ate more candy last night than he should ever down in an evening. He has self control issu
es. I also threw stuff away that looked weird. There was a fun size Hershey bar that looked like it was purchased in 2008. I always trow out that weird looking wax paper covered soft candy. Flavored Tootsie Rolls get tossed... I am still trying to find a human being that ingests those things and enjoys the experience. I Tootsie Roll should taste like chocolate not fruit. Bottle Caps are thrown out as well. I found one lone paper wrapped candy named Mary Jane, and I quickly tossed that in the trash pile. I have never heard of such, and I am certainly not going to allow my children to eat anything that has a name which doubles as a nickname for weed. I only found three peppermints this year. And the most nostalgic award goes to the pretty little roll of Royal Rolls in Madalyn's pumpkin... do you remember those? They are the Life Saver knock-offs and they taste awful. I can't wait to see Madalyn's face when she puts one in her mouth!

Hope Halloween was successful for all my friends out there, and that your kids have brought lots of your favorite goodies into your home for you to enjoy!

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