Friday, October 28, 2011

Yesterday... the eventful day...

Yesterday was quite the eventful day.

First on my agenda, other than fretting over my mother's health, was to put my feet in the stirrups for a little annual pleasure. Only mine wasn't exactly an annual thing; it had been three years since my last annual exam (see the irony there?). I know, I know. Gasp in horror and wave that pointy finger in the air... it's not fun, and I just haven't been. I've also not had any problems and never had an abnormal result. But this year marks the point where I should start having mammograms, so there was no putting it off. Trust me when I say that I spent three years' worth of time in the office. I arrived around 9:30 and left about noon, and I literally saw the doctor for a whole eight minutes of that time. This is only the second time I have visited this particular doctor; I never attached myself to the one who delivered Madalyn, so I made a change. I do pity OB/GYNs even though they make good money... I wouldn't want to be the man making small talk about what your children are dressing up as for Halloween while examining hoo-hahs. Just sayin'.

Once Erika and I texted and played Words with Friends for two hours whilst I waited in the waiting room, I went to the grocery store. I had to buy the items to put together a batch of Chex Mix for Madalyn's class activity since I have been bamboozled into taking over as room mother. Yes, you heard right. The other room mom up and moved to California last week. How does one suddenly make that move? I would love to hear the background story, but I am not nosey (or ballsey) enough to ask the teacher for the down-low. Nor am I ballsey enough to refuse to be room mom. I am pretty amazed that I have made it these six years without having to pull the role off at some point. I think I will do alright, but I am still a little apprehensive. Stay tuned for lots of fun stories about the adventures of Crazy Room Mama.

While putting together the Chex Mix, I celebrated the good news from my mom's scans and awaited a call from my husband telling me he had quit his job. Ummmmm, yeah, add that to the list for yesterday. Scott quit his job. Not only did he quit his job, but he is officially leaving the car business.

Please pause for a moment of silence.

When I tell you that I have prayed for years for this day, I mean literally prayers and prayers and prayers for years and years and years. It's all we've ever known... twelve hour days, late nights, nearly every Saturday. A couple of weeks ago, Scott got a call from an RV place within just a few miles from our house that was in need of a finance manager. He went in to interview, and they offered him the job the next day. It's a risk... a large company has just bought this location, and they are expecting big things. But it may take several months to build it up to the level they know it can achieve. But the hours are great, the location is perfect for our family, and it's a chance worth taking. So we're taking it. Scott starts on Tuesday in a totally different environment than he's used to. A slower pace, fewer hours, and hopefully a lot more family time. I have been so humbled at the thought of my petitions being answered by God that I don't even know what to say. The thought of him being so close, of him not having to miss the goodnight kisses, of him being more a part of our day to day makes me so happy!

I must admit that it's been a great week! I hope all my friends out there have had a great week, too...


carrie said...

Wow. You have had lots going on this week. Brad was in finance with cars many years ago. Then he went to home morgages. Neither industry was fun.. lots of time and not much set salary. Now, he has a great job. Hoping that things are great for him and he loves it. I know you and the kids will love having him around. Will add this to the prayers!

donette said...

Hi brother is Terry Dunagan and when I told him I was starting a blog for my grad class, he told me about your blog and said I should read it. Glad he recommended it and I had fun reading some of your thoughts. I am thrilled to read about how you are growing in your realationship with Jesus and His word. But this one caught my attention...I know the car business has been good to Terry through the years but it has been hard and long hours! So glad for you and your husband!