Monday, October 3, 2011

Strange human phenomenons....

There are a few strange human phenomenons...

~ The contagious yawn... happens when one person in a room yawns, and then, like the wave in crowded football stadium, the yawns domino through all the people.
~ The contagious itch... happens when you're around someone who is itching, and suddenly you find yourself scratching too.
~ The contagious nausea... happens when someone near or around you is throwing up and you catch yourself feeling a little putrid.

In all of these circumstances, you find yourself feeling the feelings of those around you. Why is that? What tells our brain to feel and act out what another person is feeling? I guess I could google and spend several wasted hours reading the explanation of the action. Instead, I will spend time entertaining a ten year old boy who's home from school today, feeling a little nauseous, cleaning up a rather large vomit spot on the carpet, and hoping that the yuk-up bug doesn't run through the entire household.

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