Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A whole new kind of shopping...

Yesterday, my mom and I took a little shopping excursion.

Several days ago, she told me that it was coming out in hands full. Her hair, that is. She knew that it would all be gone in not much time, so she wanted to go ahead and find a wig. I told her I could take her, so off we went.

I didn't know until yesterday that cancer patients can visit their local chapter of the American Cancer Society to pick up a wig for free. My mother purchased her last wig for several hundred dollars, but it was never very comfortable. So she decided to take the one she had and trade it in for another.

We were led to a little room with a lighted mirror and several different styles and colors displayed. The lady that helped us pulled out bins full of options organized by color and length and style. After trying on several different wigs, my mother settled on one, a style and color a little more spunky than what she's been sporting. It's more red and the style is a little sassier, and her whole face lit up when she saw herself in it, so I knew it was the one.

I remember when I went bridal gown shopping (the first wasted time around) and I walked out of the dressing room in the gown I would eventually choose... her face lit up at the sight of me in the gown, and that's really what led me to choose it. I liked the way she thought I looked in it. I liked her reaction to me in it. It's how I wanted to be seen on that day, and so it's the one I picked. When I saw that same look on her face in the wig she selected, I knew it was the one for her. It's how she wants to be seen... a little spunkier, sassier and more red than what she was losing. She looks beautiful in it.

I had the pleasure to see a gorgeous human hair wig as well. I had never seen one, but boy are they different! It's like a real head of hair that you can run your fingers through and style with curling irons or other heated tools. I have been growing my hair out to donate, but until yesterday, was uncertain of which company I would be sending my locks. Pantene Beautiful Lengths takes donated hair and turns them into FREE human hair wigs for women fighting cancer! FREE! The Montgomery chapter of the American Cancer Society only had one wig while we were there yesterday, but she said that a lady had just walked out with the other one they had a few days before. She told us that they never really know what they'll have or which styles or colors will come in, and the patients that happen upon the right color, length, and style of human hair wig are incredibly blessed. It certainly reignited my passion to donate my healthy head of hair and keep it growing!

So, is anyone else out there interested in donating? Click here to read the details... watch the video. It's several minutes long, but it's more than worth your time. And grow, grow, grow that hair to make some one's recovery and battle against cancer a tiny bit better.

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Erika said...

I told you're mom this, but you may have to sneak it. . . I wanna see sassy Pat!