Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just when you think...

Just when you think your kids are on your last nerve, one of them spills a huge cup of water right where your cell phone that's not up for upgrade until the 22nd of this very month.

Yep. In three short weeks, I can get a new phone at a discounted price, but not tomorrow. Good news is that the phone still works. Only problem is that when I text certain letters, it types in a cryptic code with the letter at the end of it. For example, an "e" may look more like j3hu81e. That may be a wee bit confusing even to the sharpest tool in the shed, so it completely disrupts my ability to communicate quickly and effectively via text.

The other child has driven me completely nuts for the past 36 hours with his obsession of building a tree fort. When I think tree fort, I think something in which one could climb up into a tree and find refuge. David's notion of a tree fort is anything built onto the trunk of a tree with scrap material and twigs. Yesterday's architectural feat included the use of duct tape ~ literally, the shiny silver tape used on air conditioning duct work. Today's involved the use of black and red spray paint. I have no words about it really other than to say that he spends more time fulfilling these ridiculous notions than in making sure his room is clean.

I am a frustrated mama right now. It's hot. I am tired of the neighborhood children. I am tired of my own children. I am tired of every single moment of every day revolving solely around what all the children want to do. Like today, for instance... it's almost 4 and I haven't had a chance to have my shower yet. With David in and out, his friends in and out, Madalyn in and out, I can't have a shower. And they don't have a clue, don't care the inconvenience it puts me in and are actually perturbed with me when I dare ask them to send their friends home so I can have my daily cleansing time.

Did I mention that I was ready for school to start back?

Good news is this... in the midst of writing this brilliant dissertation on my aggravation, I turned off my phone, took out the battery, placed it back in, powered up, and it appears to be working just fine. Silver linings. Maybe I will actually like the children by sundown. Maybe.

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connecting with the soul said...

Glad your phone is working again, maybe its time you take out your batteries and recharge them back in. Yea I said that at the risk of you throwing me a towel when I wasnt looking - hopefuly theres no brick in the towel. lol. Don't worry though schools just around the corner. Just hang in there.