Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Day

Dear Lord...

Thank you for these precious gifts, the ones that drive me to the brink of insanity some days and keep me from it on others. I look in their eyes and see the purity of life I once enjoyed. They make me long for a betterness of self. They bring me closer to You in ways nothing else on this strange earth can.

Protect them. Keep them safe from those that don't have the best of intentions. Circle them in Your presence.

My son, Lord, help him keep his mind focused. Help him believe in himself, that he knows simple math, that he can multiple and add and subtract without using his little fingers. Just help him learn that he can call on You for help even in his classroom, even for attention on a test or completing an assignment.

My daughter, Lord, help her shed her nervousness. Help her grow in her school activities, in writing and reading and math. Help her learn to never short change what she can do.

Their teachers, Lord, I thank You so much for them. Their jobs are so difficult. Give them the patience and the energy. Give them adequate words. Give them loving arms when they are needed. Give them peace.

In You Son's holy name, I pray...

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