Thursday, July 28, 2011

School Supplies and What Not

I've been in my daughter's room for most of this afternoon. Cleaning. {Deep breath in... and out with the bad...} My children are disgusting, and though I totally understand that it's mainly my fault for not requiring more of them around the house, I am still bitter about it. Shouldn't each human being breathe their first breath with a general appreciation for cleanliness? I am not seeking perfection here, but throwing things in the trash can and not hoarding random objects would be a great start.


The clean-up comes after a beloved morning shopping trip for school supplies. Trust me, the cleaning becomes the icing on the cake when you've been to Walmart, McDonald's, JC Penny, and TJ Maxx with both your children. Funny how everything I purchased (minus the can of shave gel I bought myself) is all for them, and they still aren't satisfied. I want this notebook... I need a new back pack... I want a jacket even though I won't need it for three more months... you are not spending enough money on me, me, ME!!!!!

All together, I think we made out okay. Got everything on our lists except for two things and came in under $80. Not too bad for two kids. Mind you, I'll have two more lists of things to buy once we meet the teacher, but we are ready to start. And I am ready for my first full day of peace and quiet since the last day of school back in May..... just sayin'.

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