Sunday, July 24, 2011

Morning Routine

Wake up. Plug in iron. Select a pair of wrinkled pants. Turn on TV ~ NBC, Today Show. Pour water into the tiny hole at top of iron. Some mornings, I miss, depending on how sleepy I am, and then have to clean up the water that has spilled. Mull over my crazy dream from the night (inevitably there's one to rehash) as I press over Scott's pants for the day ahead. Place pants on the back of the sofa, pour coffee, sit in my chair, open laptop.

That's pretty much what I do every morning. Most people, my husband included, think I am crazy for ironing in the morning. But, it's just what I do. Over the years, it's become a morning ritual to me... a chance to slowly come partially back to life from my deep sleep. I don't have to talk or move around much, just press over a few wrinkles. But it's how I first fill my mind that I am not so happy with. Facebook. Email. Blogger. Etsy. Some for obvious reasons, but others just for the let me see what's going on today reasons.

The latest chapter from Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner talks about developing your quiet time. Anyone who stops in here often knows I love the Scriptures, and I do try to take time out to read them throughout the week. But I have never developed an appointed time or place to do so and make it a routine. My morning routine was already full. When my kids were of napping age, their nap time was my quiet time. I would turn the TV off and open my Bible. But as they have gotten older, those times are more haphazard now. I have developed an I'll get to it when I can approach to the Lord, and it's time for a change.

So, starting tomorrow, I am changing my morning routine. I will still iron first thing; I don't think I can ever change that! But instead of filling my mind with useless things like Facebook and Blogger, I will open the cover of my Bible instead.

I mean, it seems like a no-brainer. But I think I find myself more interested in so-and-so's pictures from the beach last weekend than in what God wants me to hear for the day. And I don't think I am alone in this predicament. It's easier to digest the goings-on of Facebook than the challenges and convictions the Scriptures may put upon my heart for the day. But I am feeling a tug on my heart that I need God to be the first one to put information into my brain... not Facebook, not Matt Lauer, or Gmail.

What about my friends out there? Do any of you have daily routines with God? I am interested... let me know what you do to ensure you get the charge from the Lord you need every day. Tips and advice are always welcome!


Brandee said...

I can not wait to blog about it! Hopefully in the morning when my son is at VBS :) God did so much this weekend and it was amazing! I hope you get a chance to go. I told my husband I wanted to go back next year and go two years in a row as I really confirmed God's calling on my life. Keep watching, I am going to get things posted really soon!

Victoria said...

I am in total agreement with you! In my current life season we are moving, and so, my life is upside down. BUT, before this, I was waking up super early (like 4:30/5),having quiet time, going for a 30 min walk/jog or doing a 20 min workout dvd, shower/hair/makeup, wake kids/get them dressed, then off to work/daycare.
When I was consistently doing that, I felt so much better. I was in such a better mood.

I can't wait to be fully moved into our new place so that I can feel normal and get back to a normal routine again.

Praying that your morning quiet time is going well!