Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot, hotter, hottest

Hot. That's what the beach was. But the thing about the beach that happens to be beyond fantastic is that God provided a big and beautiful ocean full of water to immerse ourselves in when we got hot. This year's world series was in Orange Beach again, and play began on Thursday morning with a double header. We were done for the rest of the day and spent it on the beach. The weather may have been hot, but it was equally as gorgeous. Saturday we lucked out with plenty of time on the beach as well. Hot is hot; I can deal with hot when I'm at the beach.

The ball park was hotter than the beach. In fact, I am officially deeming it the hottest ball park I've ever been in my entire life. I can deal with a hot ball park when we're winning, but it's tougher to take the heat when you lose two games that should have been won with no problem. But that's seemed to be an issue this season. The pitcher may be on, but defense can't catch the flu. Maybe defense is on fire but the bats are dead. We've even had some games this season where all three parts are flat. The way the series was set up left no room for a bad game from anyone. You needed to play your best ball out of the gate or you'd have no chance at first place. We seeded in the silver bracket, something that we're just not accustomed to, and played that bracket on through taking first place there. First place in the silver bracket equals ninth place in the entire tourney, a far cry from where we've finished the two years prior. It is what it is. And it's done. So there you go.

Today, we arrived home, tons of dirty laundry and sand filled towels in tow, to the hottest temperature I have ever experienced indoors. 92. We normally keep ours set on 72 or 73, so you can imagine how we felt. Not quite the welcome home we wanted, but I guess you just have to learn to run with it. Not a whole lot you can do except call someone. The man has run to get a part, and I sure do hope to be somewhat cooler tonight when I lay my head down on my own bed for a good night's sleep.

I don't want to go to hell, either. This is what this experience is reiterating for me.

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