Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ephesians: My Life Book

Some folks talk about their life verse, or a specific scripture that they personally identify with that facilitates change in their life. I am going out on a major limb and proclaiming the entire book of Ephesians as my life book. Why stop at the verse, you know?

Since the dream I talked about a few weeks ago, Ephesians is really all I want to read. If I sit down to anything else, I find myself distracted, which is not all together unusual, so maybe I should say more distracted than normal.

I've read the book many times before. It's short ~ only 6 chapters. Back before I flunked out of the scripture memory thing over on Beth Moore's blog, I picked a verse from the book as my second scripture to put to memory. If memory serves me correct, I picked it because my first verse (what I had considered my life verse until a couple of days ago) is referenced in chapter five of Ephesians. I think I am beginning to confuse myself, so I'll just say that I love the whole book, and it really tells me everything I ever needed to know all compiled into six easy to read chapters.

You name it, Paul discusses it. Family life. Unity with friends and fellow Christians. The Holy Spirit. Grace. How husbands and wives should treat one another. How to arm yourself for battle with the evils of the world.

Ironically, one of my most stand out memories of when my father was a preacher was a series he did on the Armor of God. I think he made props of some of the different things, and if he did, I am pretty sure I helped him. I don't remember a whole lot of what he had to say, I just remember it being a series of several Sunday night (I think!) sermons. Funny how certain things stand out in your mind for life. Even more strange how one of the verses from that series found itself written on a flip chart in my dream 25 years later.

I could pick a multitude of scriptures to put to memory from that one little book. Here's a doozy...

Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. (4:2)

If I started work on that one, I'd be perfect at it round or about the day after I die. That's the kind of challenges Ephesians is filled with. Hit straight to the heart, this is how you should be not the rules you should follow, kind of good stuff. And it's mine. Well, it's all of ours, but you know what I mean. So, if you haven't read the book of Ephesians, well you should. And when you do, let me know if it speaks to you much the same.


Victoria said...

FABULOUS! I've read out of Ephesians many, many, many times, but never just sat down and read it word for word. You've got me wanting to! So I probably will very soon! But for now, I'm still stuck in Nehemiah and have been for a couple months! Absolutely been entrenched(sp?) with it!

Thanks for posting about your "Life Book"! I love that saying...have never heard "life vers" or "life book" before, but I'm thinking it is a good thing to borrow/adopt from you.

Praying you have a thrilling Thursday and are very blessed!!!!

Rachel Olsen said...

Loved this post!

And you made me laugh out loud at the whole "flunked out of the scripture memory thing at Beth's blog."

Best wishes to you and your life book. :)

Erika said...

I remember going to Camp Wiregrass in 5th grade and the week was based on the armor of God. I scored perfectly on remembering each of the pieces. :) I'm just finishing up 2 Corinthians, so Ephephians is not so far away.

Harold said...

Dear Tamara,

Thank you so much for sharing what the LORD has given you!

I too, have a "life-book" and tell others about it whenever the opportunity comes.

Most people have never heard of a book of the Bible referred to as a "personal life-book"; I had never heard of such a thing, but after memorizing the book several years ago, it became one beautiful verse to me!

Thus, I started calling it my "life-book" just as you have done.

And, that book is... Paul's letter to the Ephesians.

Praise GOD!

Blessings to you dear sister; I know the great joy that GOD has given to you through His Word, and share with you the same joy of telling others of His love, grace and mercy towards us.

Grace be to you, and peace.