Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beach Trip ~ in bullet points

It's summer. My brain is not operating at maximum speed, and I haven't had a third of the carbs today that I normally have. So we're going with bullet points for the key parts of the trip. Bear with me.

~ On Wednesday, our first day in Orange Beach, Madalyn and I stayed behind to walk the beach while Scott drove David and a couple of others to the opening ceremonies. Madalyn is obsessed with shells, and she kept picking up little pieces along the way. I finally spotted a whole one, small but still intact, and I picked it up to wash it off in the water. The underside of the shell was full of sludgy thick oil. Very sad. They've cleaned it up and got it back to pretty, but it's still there. And it made me a little sad.

~ We thought we lost one of the boys. Seriously. Couldn't locate him for a solid seven or eight minutes. I don't know if you've ever been through that experience, but I can say that I have never known fear like that before. And it wasn't even my own flesh and blood. One of the dads found him a ways down the beach looking for the boogie board. A total stranger ran a good distance to find me and the boy's mom back up at the condo to let us know he had been found. The three of us took the most ginormous breath of relief, the mom cried, and the stranger offered us prescription drugs. I can't make this stuff up, y'all, even if I tried. A perfect stranger tells us he has whatever we need. Thank you for the good deed, no thanks on the illegal drug purchase on the beach however. Good day.

~ Scott hit me in the ear with a Frisbee. Not on purpose (I don't think...). It was quite a blustery day on Monday, cloudy and sprinkling at times, but we decided that we weren't going to let a little wind and grey get the better of our last day on the beach. Scott was playing Frisbee with some of the dads and boys, and I was in conversation with the moms. Next thing I knew, I took a Frisbee to the ear. I don't know if anyone reading this has ever taken a Frisbee to the ear, but it's not enjoyable. It was one of those moments where everyone froze, and I could tell that those that had seen it wanted so desperately to laugh but knew they better wait for my reaction. It wasn't laughter. I tried so hard not to cry, but it hurt so bad, and my ear immediately felt like it had swollen and was bleeding a little. Scott felt like an ass. It was a total freak accident, and I think the wind aided in its perfect placement to my ear as well as me not being able to hear Scott's warnings. Oh well. It's another bullet point to share.

~ We had the best hamburger ever. I don't know why it was the best I had ever had, but it was. We pattied them up with no seasoning at all. Scott sprinkled a little salt and pepper over them as he grilled them. One bite, and I was in love. With the burger. We love some seasoning around here. The more the merrier. But there's something to be said about some good ole' ground beef with salt and pepper that I had forgotten about. Back to basics, I think, says it all.

~ There's got to be more. Got to be. But that's all the time I have. My house is trashed, I have laundry to do, and I have got to exercise today. Blah. But if I want to fit back into my jeans in the fall, it's time to get busy.

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Victoria said...

I totally understand the busy, hectic world of housekeeping and exercising, even though the world spins 10x faster around you than you can even think!

Sounds like you all had an interesting (yet enjoyable) trip!
Hope your ear feels better soon, and as a little encouragement, I will be doing a little exercise myself this evening after you are not alone sistah!
Blessings to you and yours!