Friday, July 1, 2011

600th post

Seriously? 600 posts?

Do y'all remember that little show Seinfield? What was it termed... the show about nothing? Well, that's precisely what I have considered my blog ~ the obscure little blog about nothing in particular. I write about my kids, how they're driving me to the edge of insanity. I write about baseball, the ten pounds I'd like to lose, my favorite scripture in the Bible. I mean, the list of topics are so random and inconsistent that I gave up tagging them (a little feature offered by blogger in which you can categorize your posts) a looooonnnnnggg time ago.

So, I thought for my 600th post, I would share something that makes me giggle out loud to myself. Maybe you'll find it funny, too. Maybe not.

So on the dashboard of Blogger (for those of you that don't blog, it's like a homepage) there's a little tab for stats. I only found this about six months ago, and I quickly became neurotic about it. It tells you how many hits you've had in a day, how many people have read specific posts, and where your internet traffic comes from. It doesn't narrow it down to locations, but more or less whether they access you from another website, from another blog, or from a Google search.

The stats page gives me the searches that have been preformed that rendered my blog as a response. These are always fascinating to read, and some are crazy. Below is a list of those that appear right now...

lighthearted mama
i would like tidbits of information
2 dead headless squirrels on my property
meaning of dead headless squirrel
peanut butter jelly spicy doritos

I love the fact that someone Googled lighthearted mama and Crazy Mama popped up. That's beyond fantastic. I also quite enjoy that my blog appears under a search that someone does for tidbits of information. I think what amuses me the most about the tidbits search is that someone actually typed that into the Google box as though they want little segments of random information served to them in buffet style.

The two headless squirrel searches do bother me a bit... I don't like being linked to such horrific acts, but it's the price I pay for having a dog named Buddy Love. And I am really hoping that the two related squirrel searches were performed by the same person and there's not really some cult running around killing squirrels, decapitating them, and framing dogs for the act.

But I think my all time favorite search that pulls up my blog involves Doritos. Because nothing says Crazy Mama like a bag of Doritos. Any flavor, well, maybe except Cool Ranch. I much prefer the original or any of the spicy flavors. And then to add in the staple of my diet ~ peanut butter and jelly ~ just makes it all complete.

So, have you officially arrived when your blog pops up in a Google search? Probably not. But it's entertaining to see what other people are Googling. I am just hoping there's not an app out there that shows people what I Google...


Veronica said...

Love it -- lol!!!

Veronica H (from Hidden Joy)

Erika said...

Wow, friend of mine whom it seemed forever to get a computer, you've surpassed my blogger posts by more than 100!And I didn't know that about the stats. Off to check now.