Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ten Things: A Completely Random But Loaded Post

1. Yesterday was David's 10th birthday, hence the whole ten things thing. Ten years of being a Mama. Ten years ago, the craziness began. In so many ways, it seems like just yesterday. And then, in other ways, I am millions of miles away from who I was back then. I try to wrap my mind around the fact that both of my little chicks are growing up, but it drives me closer to insanity, so I simply stop and enjoy the moment. Ten whole years.

2. The past ten days have been insane. Busy. Full to the brim with so many things that when I have stopped to write a blog post, I just didn't know where to begin. VBS. A close friend dealing with the death of her sister. Good news for my mother. A broad spectrum of feelings that change a multitude of times a day. I guess that's life. Crazy.

3. Life is short. I am learning this more and more as the years tick away. As humans, we try to hold onto time as though it is something that can be poured into a cup and carried around with us to divvy out as we desire or see fit. Unfortunately, time is in God's hand alone. He knows how much of it we have, and we don't, so we better busy ourselves with making the most of what's in front of us.

4. I wish that I had been raised Baptist. I thought this last week as I watched those precious children rock out to the music, singing and dancing in pure joy and delight, and as the head of children's ministry spoke about God and Jesus. She broke it down like this: God loved, we sinned, Jesus died, we accept, He forgives. I wanted to cry right there amidst the little ones who could barely understand the simple statement she had made. But I understood, and I remember all the time in my life I wasted beating myself up before I understood how incredibly simple Jesus makes salvation for all of us. Thank you, Lord!

5. Both of my children prayed the prayer at VBS. For those of you raised in the Baptist Church, you know what I'm talking about. For those of you (like me) that were raised something else, it may be as confusing to you as it is to me. Though I just consider myself a Christian, I rather enjoy the Baptist philosophy of accepting Jesus into your heart. The beautiful beginning of a relationship with Him starts with one simple notion ~ believing in Him. It's not wrapped up in one day or event of your life, but rather a journey of an innumerable amount of little steps along the way. My children believe. Step one. We've all got a lot of learning to do. I find out at every phase along the way that the learning never stops until we've taken our last breath.

6. Life hits you right in the head sometimes. As we sat enjoying a breakfast yesterday morning at Cracker Barrel in honor of David's birthday, I eaves dropped on our waitress' conversation with the table behind us. She talked of structural damage and total loss. I knew. When she disappeared back toward the kitchen, I whispered to Scott that I thought she had lost her home. He agreed and added that he heard she had no insurance. Just when you think life is hard for this reason or that one, you see someone who has it worse. I can see her face, her rugged hands. She's waited on us before, and we don't go that often, so she's been working there for quite sometime. I jotted her a note and left it with her tip. I will never forget her.

7. My mother had a scan last week of her chest cavity. Finally we have some positive news! The good thing is that there is no growth to report... in fact, there may even be minimal decrease in size! But the positive news is that her current treatment appears to be slowing down the cancer, and that is the ultimate goal! Praise God!

8. I have lost all control of my home. The laundry is piling up. The floors need sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, CLEANING!!!! I am behind, and I know it's driving my husband more crazy than me. So today I am hoping to do some catching up on the household chores.

9. I am also behind on my Bible study, Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner. Good news is that there are no scheduled events this week. None. No baseball tournaments. Nowhere to be other than practice. No big events. And, for that, I am truly grateful.

10. I promise to blog more this week... and hopefully I'll have something to say and it won't be in bullet points.

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Victoria said...

I LOVE bullet points! :)
but then again, I love lists, so that's just my OCD crazy side,lol!

I'm so thankful for your post. You reminded me that life isn't always easy or clean...and yet, it isn't always sad and hard either. If you don't take the good with the bad, you won't have much of anything!

We are in a financial crunch right now because my husband just changed companies and he had 3 weeks off before his start date (which was yesterday) we have been living off of just my paychecks...we've had to put some things off...and it's been hard...but then again, it's been nice. We have spent more time at home instead of driving around or shopping or eating out. There can be joy in the hard times.

And your post reminded me of that.
Thanks! Have a blessed day!