Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Still alive...

I'm still alive. I promise.

It's summer, y'all. My kids are home. We've got baseball nearly every day. And then there's the pool in the backyard. And the grass around the pool. And friends to play with. Rooms to clean. Groceries to buy. And then cook or assemble into something to eat.

Why do I feel like I am 5,000 times more busy in the summer?

All that being rambled out, I am finding it difficult to blog. There are so many things I want to blog about, especially things involving my study of the Hidden Joy in a Dark Corner book, but I don't want to be too personal or revealing here. So I struggle as of late to organize my thoughts in a transparent way but not be too revealing. I'll sit down, begin typing, and find myself at a loss.

I hate that. I really do. I love to blog. Some people may find it crazy ridiculous, but there's something so completely therapeutic about putting something out there, you know? It's different from a journal because it's interactive.

Anywho... maybe by the end of this week, I can sort out what's swimming around my head about this week's chapter in the book I am reading. I tell you it's therapy with a paperback cover on it. And, yes... I've been to therapy. Books are much cheaper.

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