Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pink Shirt

Pink shirt. That was David's request for Easter. Well, at first, it was a pink shirt... from Abercrombie. But then, after swirling thought in the almost ten year old brain, purple was deemed the color of choice. When I asked the obvious question, "But what if I can't find a purple shirt at Abercrombie? What's your second choice?" He answered, "Light purple."

Preciate the clarification.

At the ripe age of nine and three quarters, David very seldom pays attention to his appearance. He puts on a hat to avoid combing his hair. He would go daaaayyyyysssss without brushing his teeth if we allowed him to do so. He relishes pants with holes in the knees. He wears things that don't match. As a matter of fact, he wore an outfit that doesn't match this very morning. I used to argue with him about what goes with what, but I have learned to let it go. I assume these things work themselves out, like when he finds out what girls are good for. Until then, I will comb his hair in the morning, make sure he brushes his teeth at least six times a week, and help to match outfits for the big things ~ school functions, dances, church, and Easter.

One can imagine my surprise when David had a wardrobe request for Easter. I was as shocked as I was delighted. But when our color choice {in order of desire} is purple, light purple, pink, or light pink, I knew my task would be daunting. And then add in that he wanted it from a specific store, Abercrombie, one in which we have purchased a very limited number of shirts in the past, I realized that David not caring about his appearance definitely has its perks.

I set out for the Galleria yesterday ready for battle. First stop: Abercrombie, where the music is louder than an 80's cover band at 1 AM in a smoky bar. No purple. No lavender. Like NONE in the whole store. I don't even think I saw any over on the girls' side. I did get a peak at that padded bikini top, and, yes, it is horrendous. Moving right along to Gap Kids. They had a purple tee shirt, but unfortunately, it had a rather large dragon graphic across the front. What is the deal with dragons and boys' clothing? I digress...

Belk. Purple Polo. Could work, only I knew it wasn't the look David was going for. Though Polo and Abercrombie's prices are ridiculously compatible, the look is totally different.

Macy's. Purple and bright green striped button down Polo. Flashy, but too expensive, and not certain if it would meet the demanding criteria for Easter 2011.

Zipped into Hollister to see how small their smallest size looked. If I never walk into Hollister ever again, it will be one day too soon. It's the only store in the universe that plays their music louder than Abercrombie and that pumps in their signature fragrance like casinos pump in pure oxygen. And, besides that, it will be a couple of years before David is able to wear their smallest size. Thank goodness.

Back to Abercrombie. Let's reassess the situation. No purple, already covered that. Plenty of pink. Pink tee shirt with an off white embellishment on the front. Yet another pink choice with some writing on it. One more pink tee shirt with bright green letters across the chest. The one that came home with me, however, was a pink and white polo style shirt, the colors alternated horizontally in bold stripes. $21.60 out the door, in a bag that probably costs $10 to make, a headache, and a longing to keep my daughter as far away from that store and the half-naked boy on the $10 bag as I can possibly keep her.

David was pleased. Madalyn approved of her brother's shirt. Scott realized the difference in clothing tastes of an almost 40 year old and an almost double digit boy. And Mama was just relieved to have left the Galleria with what little bit of sanity I walked in there with. {Not only am I ending my sentence with a preposition, but I'm ending the entire post that way.}


carrie said...

You are a good momma! I just heard about the bikini. Unbelievable. Makes me thankful for my house full of boys, who at this point could care less what they wear!

Erika said...

Hollister gives me anxiety just thinking about it. And what about the bikini?