Friday, April 29, 2011

Do something...

As we sat in the closet tucked underneath the stairs in my basement, my son and daughter began to cry. We had seen it hit Tuscaloosa on the television, and we knew that there was no place deemed safe if that type of tornado hit us. We put batting helmets on the kids, hunkered down in the closet, and my my kids we aware that this was serious.

They were scared.

I was scared, too, but as the Mama of the house, there's no room for showing any fear. I had to remind myself, as I told them, the if we lost everything we had, we would be fine. The things most important to me were with me in that closet. I prayed for God to spread His hand over us and protect us. For some reason, we weren't hit. For reasons never to be understood, others were hit hard. The majority of an entire small town, Hackleburg, Alabama, is wiped away. Gone. Hundreds across my home state have lost their lives. Children lost their homes and perhaps their favorite stuffed animal.

My heart breaks.

During times like these, I often want to do something, but feel so limited as to what I am able to do. We don't have a lot of money. We may look as though we do, but that's because there was a time that we had plenty. But, let's face it; a lot has changed for many of us over the last two years. But here's what I have discovered in the past 24 hours... it doesn't take a lot to buy some basic necessities.

Let me list what I was able to do with just $100 (three donations combined):
10 deodorants
40 disposable razors
15 bars of soap
10 adult tooth brushes
15 kid tooth brushes with small kid's Crest
10 tubes of Colgate tooth paste
10 lip balms
3 packs of diapers
10 eighty-count packs of baby wipes
21 bottles of bubbles (my attempt at making a couple of children laugh ~ who doesn't enjoy bubbles?

Y'all... that's a lot of stuff!

Here's my challenge to YOU today. If you are reading this and feel compelled to help in any way, please do it! Even if you only have $5... head to the Dollar Tree (where I bought most of these items) and pick up some soap or shampoo or wipes or toilet paper or anything that may be needed by those who are left without homes! Find an organization or a church that is collecting items and donate! Give $10 to the Red Cross if you can't find anywhere else to donate. Just do something.

All I could think about was my children, their fear as we sat in the closet. Then I thought about how I would feel if I had to climb out of the rubble of my home with my kids and literally start all over. I don't know if that pulls on your heart strings, but it rips my strings off my heart.

You don't have to have a lot to make a big impact. Just do whatever you can...

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Brandee said...

Tamera, I was praying this morning about how I can help and God led me to your blog. Can you email me at I don't want to go into all of what I want to tell you via a response on here. I have some things I would like to send to you to help :)

Thanks blogging friend,