Friday, March 4, 2011

Taming of the Shrew...

This week has been particularly challenging in the Madalyn department.

Let me preface by saying that Madalyn is not a morning person. At all. Now, neither am I, so I happen to be a little sympathetic in this area knowing full well that it takes certain people (i.e. Me and Madalyn) more time for the blood to flow fully to the part of the brain that controls mood. Anywho... being the adult in this morning situation, I have been greatly impressed with my ability to maintain composure most mornings with Madalyn.

On Tuesday morning, Madalyn announced at 7:20 (ten minutes prior to walk out the door time) that she would no longer be wearing jeans or any other pants with those button things on the inside. This is the one distinct part of my daughter's personality that has me puzzled ~ how she can wake up one morning and swear something off, like the wearing of jeans. It would be like me waking up one day and saying, "You know what, I will no longer be wearing white socks." I just can't wrap my mind around her mind, how it ticks, how it spins and toils over seemingly meaningless issues. But it does none the less.

Now, at 7:20 on Tuesday morning, there weren't a whole lot of options other than jeans in her drawer. Add to that the fact that she wanted to wear a red shirt in honor of Jump Rope for Heart (as suggested by the voice on the intercom at the end of the school day that I am sure only the little girls in the building listen to ~ David NEVER came home telling me that he needed to wear a certain color anything), and we were in quite a conundrum. I was able to pull an ensemble together, a precious red and grey tunic with black leggings. Then I offered her the tennis shoes I have mainly made her wear since the whole does she have a broken foot ordeal, to which she snottily turned her nose up at and exclaimed she wanted to wear her boots. Dear me.

We put on the boots, only for her to walk down the stairs and exclaim that the boots hurt her feet, and so we put on the Adidas arch supporting shoes I wanted her to wear in the first place. So, you can easily see how our mornings go around here. And afternoons and evenings for that matter. It's an interesting cycle of pushing, pulling, stuffing, unleashing, holding on, letting go, and deep, deep breaths. I try to give in when it doesn't matter, like when she wants to wear five different shades of pink from head to toe and looks like a Barbie vomited all over her. Not a battle to fight.

Yesterday morning was perhaps the most difficult morning to date. We couldn't get her to wake up, and it's no wonder why as she came tip-toeing down the stairs at 9:30 the night before. Mind you, we put them in the bed usually around 8:30, so that's a full hour after she's been made to lie down. So she didn't want to get out of bed, she didn't like anything in her closet to wear, she didn't want to go to school, and she didn't want to breathe. It all came to a head when her daddy came in and made her get down from her loft by picking her up and putting her feet on the ground and telling her to get dressed or he would spank her. This is no way to spend your mornings, folks. No way. Her lips immediately pursed together as though her tears would come forth from her mouth. She's so tough, but so fragile. An amazing combination.

Last night, Scott had a brilliant idea ~ make Madalyn lay down at 8:00, a full 30 minutes prior to her normal bedtime and before her brother. She was devastated. It's not fair. Brother gets to stay up. I promise I'll get up in the morning. But I wanna sit with you, Daddy. Oh the drama was poured on thick, and the alligator tears were rolling down the pretty cheeks, and Daddy stayed strong. I was so proud... of both of them. Of Madalyn's attempts to manipulate her daddy (she's GOOD y'all!!!) and of Scott's ability to stay strong with the most precious little thing in his life.

I am happy to report that Madalyn did not get up last night to wander the house or request a cup of water or tell me that some part of her body itched or hurt. And I am ecstatic that we had no arguments this morning about jeans or pants or getting out of bed. And I am hoping that making her go to bed before her brother sent a little message and taught her a lesson. And I am so glad tomorrow is Saturday and we don't have to be dressed and out the door by 7:30 in the morning..............

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Erika said...

You go, Scott! It is soo hard to stand firm when the tears start to roll.