Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Take Two

I started writing a post this morning, but shortly into it, I realized I wasn't making much sense. I am running on what feels like minutes of sleep, and I could barely keep my eyes open this morning. The first clap of thunder sounded at 12:30, and the pitter patter of Madalyn's feet came seconds thereafter. No matter what, if she hears thunder, she's in the bed with Mama and Daddy before you can count to ten with no Mississippis in between.

So, after tossing and turning and trying for three solid hours to share my spot in the bed with the a six year old, I gave up and took up my spot on the couch. Not much better, but at least I wasn't hanging on for dear life to the edge of the bed. I think I got a few hours, but not of solid sleep.

I had the pleasure of getting out into the real world of traffic this morning complete with heavy rain and road flooding so that I could drop David off at school with his sleeping bag and full over sized duffel bag. He is currently at the 4H Camp in Columbiana, Alabama looking for worms, touching snakes, learning about conservation, and, in general, enjoying NOT being in a classroom. On Friday, he'll return only to begin a week of spring break, and, to be honest, it was perfectly timed this year. Both my kids are just over school, so I am looking forward to sleeping in and having little to no plans. Oh, and no kindergarten reading logs.

It was a little strange to drop my son off and know I will not speak to him or see him until 1:00 on Friday. Actually, I have struggled with him going more so than I thought I would. It's hard for Mama to let go, to imagine him picking up his dirty clothes off the floor and placing them in the garbage bag I provided, to believe that he is old enough to make it without me for two whole days. Crazy. Seems like just yesterday he was spitting up on me every five minutes, and though those days were tough, they were nothing compared to dropping him off for two days at camp. I miss the stinky little boy already.

So today I have been busy at work on some jewelry... oops... did I just say that? I let the cat out of the bag too soon! Just a little teaser... hope to get a bunch of options ready in the next couple of weeks. And then I'll be announcing the opening of my very own Etsy shop! I can't wait to show you some of my ideas! Stay tuned in to see them and for a chance to win something from my shop for free! I've been praying and praying and thinking and brainstorming and trying things and coming up with ideas, and I think I've come up with some concepts that lots of you out there will love! Keep me in your prayers!

That's all for this rainy, dreary day. I think I am about to go bathe the dog. I was in the garage, which has become my makeshift workshop, and kept smelling something very unpleasant... it was Buddy. Figured it out. It's way past time for some freshening up. So here we go...


Erika said...

I can't wait to see all that you've come up with! I'll take two of everything!

Kelly O'Dell Stanley said...

As I'm reading through my newly discovered favorite blog, I had to comment again... Can't wait to see your jewelry! I make jewelry, too. I have a shop set up on Etsy but haven't had anything in it for a year or so. Maybe someday... Mostly now I have to choose between writing and making jewelry in my "spare" time. (My "first" job is a graphic design business I've run from home for 17 years.)

I'm so, so glad I found you and I look forward to getting to know you.