Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Do you believe in miracles?

I ask the question to you, the reader, as I ponder my own answer. I believe the miracles of the Bible. I believe in a God that is capable of miracles even in today's world, though I have never experienced one first hand. I have certain areas of my life in which I'd like to see the miraculous hand of God at work. So, there's my round-about answer.

A few weeks ago, I decided to start in Matthew and read through the New Testament again. I remember loving Matthew, specifically the chronicle of all the miracles Jesus performed. On Saturday, I sat down for a little slice of quiet time out on the back porch underneath the deck, and received such a nice little blessing. This is what I read:

Just then a woman who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloak. She said to herself, "If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed." Jesus turned and saw her. "Take heart, daughter," he said, "your faith has healed you." And the woman was healed from that moment. Matthew 9:20-22

If only I touch his cloak...
Oh, my... how I relate to this feeling. I'm behind Him, trying to catch up, trying to get nearer, closer, in the presence of... I am just close enough to touch the very edge of His cloak... not as close as I should be, need to be, want to be... not as close as the good Christians who make it to church every Sunday and don't drink Captain Morgan... I'm the no-name, nondescript woman who just wants to touch Him... and He turns and notices me, and calls me daughter... He knows I believe in Him, that I love Him, that I long to honor Him with all He's given me... He knows what's in my heart, where I've been and why, what I need... and He heals me.

This is why I love the miracles ~ this is how we can come to know Jesus a little better. He's wide open. He's right there and ready and willing to heal, even the lady behind Him that barely touches His cloak. I love reading about the way Jesus took away infirmities and burdens with just a word from His mouth. It's fascinating to me.

Ironically, it's scan week for my family. For my mom. She'll return to her oncologist on Thursday for scans and tests ~ the first since December. A miracle would be great. But, I must admit, I'd be happy with just good news... for no growth or new spots, for shrinkage of what has been there. In a way, a miracle has already been worked in my heart; my faith in Jesus has enabled me to know that my mom rests comfortably in His large hand, fully wrapped in that powerful cloak. Fully wrapped, warm and cozy, completely encompassed in His amazing power and love. He could choose to heal her, to wipe out her cancer completely if He saw fit. I believe that. But He sees ahead with clearer vision, whereas mine is clouded with things of this earth. He knows the beginning and the end and all the meaty middle, and He loves her more than I do. And so I pray, and I ask you to pray along with me.

Funny when you pray for someone you love so dearly. It's different. My prayers about my mom are less structured, more like a train of thought. I have quit trying to compile my desires and requests into complete sentences when it comes to my mom. He knows what I desire before my lips can form the words, so what's the point? They free flow throughout the day, and I now understand the concept of prayer without ceasing. It's not the prayer that closes out the Sunday evening service. There are no key words or phrases to hit. It's open dialogue between me and my Creator. Sometimes it's hard. But I know He understands. See ~ that's a miracle in and of itself, in more than one way.

I wonder how many reading these words right now are like me. Are stretching out their hand to touch His cloak. Keep stretching {I know I am!}, and know that He knows. And feel free to leave a comment if you have a special prayer request I can add to my list. I love to know that others are praying for my mother, and so I'd love to have the opportunity to pray over something important to you.


Erika said...

"though I have never experienced one first hand." Not to argue with you, but maybe you should look at it another way. I look at the way life's events have a way of working certain ways, like one thing leading to another, and us getting to a certain place as a miracle. If you look back over your life and see why one circumstance may have led to a different outcome than you had originally planned, that could be a miracle. I guess just different ways of looking at things or different definitions. God's hand in things. Think about the miracles of everyday life rather than big and bold.

carrie said...

I agree with Erika. I think God could still make water turn to wine or 5 loaves and 2 fish feed thousands, but we don't see those now. However, I think we see miracles all of the time. I think it just looks differently. I will share a miracle about my nephew on my blog. I have no doubts it was a modern miracle! Great post!