Saturday, March 19, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham

If you caught my last post, you may have gathered that I was having a bit of a rough day on the home front. I hate those days ~ the ones where you feel like your patience is worn thin and barren in spots though your kids are never short on shoulder shrugs in your direction and rolling eyes.

Last night, Scott and I had added some stuff to the pool water in our humble attempts to get it looking not-cloudy again, and then we sat down at the glass top table outside enjoying the spring evening. The weather was superb, and the stars were brilliant. Out walks Madalyn. Grrrrrrr.

"Mama... can I read you this book? Green Eggs and Ham. I can read it ALL BY MYSELF. Come on... yet's read it." {Sweet thing still says yet's for let's, and it stops my heart every time I hear it.}

It was one of those moments where I wanted to scream, "I do not want to read a book; I will not, will not with a hook!" But I looked at her little skinny frame, so long and narrow, remembering the day that I sat with David as he read the exact same copy of the children's classic. Seems like just yesterday when I stop to think about it. How is it possible that she can read now? I was afraid that if I did not listen to Madalyn read and dared to blink my eyes, one of the grandchildren would come be-bopping out that door with the same book in their hand.

So, I obliged.

I am so glad I did.

Why is it so hard to slow down? Why is being a mother so difficult? Why are children so impossible these days? These are questions I will take to the pearly gates with me and tug on God's sleeve until He answers me. I am sure my Heavenly Father will not be irritated with me at all.

Yesterday, the onslaught of aggravation from my children included, "I want a cell phone! When can I get a cell phone? You're so mean! Everything is so unfair! Everybody else in the whole wide world has a cell phone! I'm bored! There's nothing to do. Why don't we have any candy? You didn't go to the store and buy us candy??!!?? We want to swim. You're so mean because you won't let us swim in the murky 68 degree water!" (There's more in any given day, but those are just the highlights from yesterday.) I was ready to run... I think I made that clear yesterday. And then Madalyn brought me a book I really didn't want to read but I no longer had to read it myself. She read it to me.

And then I heard this little quiet voice inside me saying, "I will give you the patience you need if you will slow yourself down to appreciate these things." And then I had to swallow the large lump and fight back tears as my daughter proudly read the whole book (with some assistance on certain words, of course) by herself.

It's flying by. The time. They're growing up. So fast. I love them dearly. Thank you, Lord.


connecting with the soul said...

So glad you are feeling better this morning. Quiet time often times is so hard to come by especially if you want to stay in bed a few more minutes instead of getting up and spending time with Jesus. I'm glad I did this morning. It filled my soul and allow me to face anything in the presence of jesus who can and did calm a storm.

Have a good day,

Victoria said...

It does fly by oh so fast. I never believed my mom when she used to tell me that, and now I have to, because it does.
Thanks for your post- I have to constantly remind myself to slow down- although I don't always listen to myself- so thank you for reminding me today, so I can enjoy this evening after work with my family! Have a blessed day!