Thursday, March 10, 2011


My dryer is on the fritz. Great. I first noticed it a couple of weeks ago when a few loads weren't quite dry when the dryer indicated they were. You know, just the waistband of the little jeans and a couple of socks, not the whole load. No big deal, I thought. Just toss them back in for a little more tumble time. Only it kept happening. Again and again.

I guess my dryer has done all I ever could have expected. We purchased it on my lunch break on a very cold early January day. Or was it late December? I can't remember which. We were in the midst of purchasing our first home in Montgomery, Alabama. I was preggers with my little man who is now old enough to be away at 4H camp for two whole nights without his mama. I met Scott at Sears where we purchased a refrigerator, coincidentally the very same one that sits in my kitchen today, and the dryer on one of those year with no interest plans. The we went over to West, a place that has since gone out of business, and picked out a washer on the bump and scratch row, and we paid cash for that little jewel.

I recall vividly how my heart had permanently taken up residence in my throat during those days. We were still classified as newlyweds having only been married a little over a year and not having dated all that long before our betrothal. I was still getting to know and getting used to him, and he to me. We were both young and very stupid. And I was pregnant and very terrified, and I think my spouse shared in that emotion as well.

Looking back in my mind, I barely recognize that girl that walked around looking at appliances for the first time while crunching the numbers in her head. Can we make it work? Can we afford the house AND the appliances we need in the house AND the power it will take to run the appliances AND this baby in my belly that will surely want to eat? And I think there were still so many questions in my heart... Who am I? Who will I be when I become mother? Can I really be his wife? Can we really make all of this work?

So that was eleven years ago. Wow. When I think of all the loads that little Whirpool dryer has tossed, I am amazed. From tiny little onesies to muddy baseball pants, from little pink washcloths to Justin Bieber tee shirts, from Capitol Chevrolet polo shirts to Moore Nissan pullovers, from size 4 (for a very short stint in 2003 when I got so super skinny) capris to size 10 jeans... my word, that little dryer has been worth every penny of the $300 or $400 dollars we paid for it so very long ago.

And somehow, we did make it all work. We're still tumbling sometimes on high heat, sometimes low, but always tossing and turning and preparing for that next load of laundry.

And apparently I'll be dryer shopping as soon as that Federal Tax refund hits the account. Good times. At least I'm NOT pregnant this time...

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