Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More difficult than I thought...

Well, day one of living out my verse from Romans was not such a hot success. I lost my cool with someone I love dearly, and words spewed forth from my mouth like lava from a volcano. Once they're out, they're out and that's not a whole lot you can do to spring forth life from what's smoking beneath the cooled plasma. As I know from experiencing both sides of an argument or disagreement (or volcanic eruption, in my case), apologies aren't good for much of anything. You can be sorry that you did or said something, but you can't take it back.

Day two is shaping out to be full of other frustrations. I just stripped my son's bed - the top bunk of which I don't check the status on a daily basis. I found three pair of athletic pants, seven socks, four pair of shorts, an empty bag of chips (the little single serving size), and and empty juice cup. I am more than perturbed. Well beyond irritation and on into anger. Thankfully for us both, I discovered all of this while he is at school. If he had been home, I feel certain volcanic eruption #2 would be well underway.

So maybe I'll just put my prayer for the day out here in the blogosphere...

Lord, help me to be patient and gentle even when I am frustrated, don't feel understood, when I am angry, tired, or when I am in my son's disgusting bedroom.

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