Tuesday, February 22, 2011

But she told me to...

Baseball is back in full swing (no pun intended on that one ~ brilliance just comes natural these days!) thanks to the wonderful spring-like weather. We've been doing a little indoor pitching and hitting, but last week we were able to take it outdoors, which was more of a blessing than most would realize as most of our players are accompanied by a little sister. Add the squeals of said sisters with the pings of tons of bats and the noise of an automatic pitching machine inside a large warehouse type baseball facility... well, it definitely makes you long to be out in the open air.

Yesterday, we loaded up the car, me, David and Madalyn, for practice at 4:30. Since Madalyn was a wee little thing, she's always had to carry something with her, from a baby to a backpack full of treasures or a coloring book. She rarely leaves the house empty handed. Yesterday it was her newest addition to the purse collection she couldn't do without. She was pleased to see Miss E, one of her dearest friends in the world, at practice, as well as I was. Practices with no one to play with can feel very lengthy to mom and Madalyn.

I perched atop the bleachers with the novel I swear I've been reading for six months now. My word, if I have a moment to sit down with it, it's literally only a moment. This one could be termed a page turner for me for different reasons from it's normal connotation ~ I believe I have only been able to turn one page each time I can pick it up. Anywho... I've got one eye on the book, the other on the girls, and I notice they are venturing a little too far and are behind one of the restroom buildings at the park. Upon hollering out for them to move closer to me, Madalyn turns her attention to me:

"Mama! My purse... it's up there! I can't get it!" She pointing up to the roof of the little building.
"How did it get up there?"
"I threw it up there... she told me to!"
"Well that was real smart, wasn't it?"
"But she told me to..."

Dear, me. I couldn't help but laugh. My little Miss Independent who calls her own shots and is not afraid to do her own thing can only be steered by a couple of people ~ her brother being one and Miss E being another. Miss E could tell her to run to Arizona and pick her up a Pepsi and she'd probably run until she couldn't run anymore. And now, here she stood, mad as fire at herself that she had tried something upon a mere suggestion and it had bit her in the rear. The purse was in sight but out of reach, and in her little mind, she was uncertain she'd ever get it back.

Luckily for Madalyn, our head coach is a contractor and had plenty of resources in the bed of his truck for Scott and I to retrieve the purse. I used the moment to tell my sweet baby girl, "You can't be mad at someone for telling you to do something or making a suggestion for your behavior... you made the choice. It's on you."

I am glad to report that the purse is back in our possession. I feel pretty certain that she'll never throw her purse on top of a roof again... pretty certain, unless at the age of 13 some cute little boy tells her to, and then she may have to relearn the lesson of not doing stupid things upon suggestion. But if that's the worse thing she does under a little peer pressure, we'll be doing alright. Something tells me it won't stop at throwing purses, but I'll just put that worry off until then...

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