Sunday, January 9, 2011

We are.... HOME...

We made the tough call to stay at home. Well, I say tough, but it really wasn't that hard of a decision. Friday morning, I was in the shower going over the details that the doctor and nurse had given me. I rewound the tape in my mind and played back the conversations because I swore they told me I could wash her hair, though everyone I talked to was surprised by that. I remembered them both saying if she vomited or had a seizure to get her to the ER right away... with the word seizure, the name of a 14 year old boy from our area popped into my head at the same time.

Back in the spring, this boy was up to bat at a baseball tournament and got hit in the temple area with a wild pitch. Of course, he was wearing a batting helmet as required by all leagues across the nation. He was fine, finished the game, seemed to be a normal functioning 14 year old boy, and then two or three days later, had a massive seizure. His condition was touch and go, and he was in the hospital for several days. Turns out he had a very slow bleed in the brain from the trauma of the hit.

When I thought over the details of his story, I couldn't help but envision Madalyn vomiting or having a seizure or just generally not feeling well while we were away. And that if any of those things occurred, Mama wouldn't be there. There was no question in my mind anymore ~ I couldn't go. Glendale, Arizona is a VERY LONG WAY from Alabama. And my dear husband agreed.

So here we are at home. And we've both agreed it's right where we should be. Yes, we deserve to get away. No, we don't do enough for ourselves as a couple. But we were able to get a credit for our flights and cancel the hotel without penalty. And hopefully we'll be able to take a little weekend getaway soon. It certainly won't take the place of being a part of the National Championship game, but we didn't have tickets locked in anyway. And the thought of watching that game on a television in some bar, hotel room, or tailgate party in Arizona just made me sick especially considering we can watch it on TV at home and have that set of stitches sitting right beside us on the couch.

At this point, I am diligently watching the weather waiting on what they say will be the biggest winter storm the south has experienced since the 90's. Dear me. If you're from the north, keep us poor Southerners in your prayers as we tend to get a little loopy when the white stuff comes down. People who barely know how to drive on a 70 degree sunny day decide it would be fun to go out in the snow and ice to sight-see. The whole world closes, and if you don't have it before the snow starts falling, you won't be able to obtain it until long after it stops. And I am particularly worried about the status of the power and cable lines... you know, there is a BIG GAME on Monday night...

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Erika said...

Not that you need me to tell you this, but you guys made the right call. No sense spending all that money and not enjoying your trip because of worry. If you don't have power tonight, you can call me for the play by play. :)