Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Voyage West...

We are heading west on a jet plane on Saturday... me and my husband. If you are from the south and know anything about us, then you know where we're going. If you don't have all the pieces put together yet, we're traveling to Glendale, Arizona for the BCS Championship Game ~ Auburn vs. Oregon.

I know... I know... some of you are thinking, "But I thought they were broke with him being in the car business and all." Well, that statement still holds true. But while we were broke, we were sitting on a red Mustang that spent the majority of its life covered and in the garage. Scott bought it four years ago, and pampered it more than he ever did me or the kids added together and multiplied by 23 (no bitterness in that statement at all, I promise). I'll be honest, the Mustang had been a bone of contention between my husband and I during the thick of our financial strain. I wanted to get rid of it; he wanted to hold onto it. Scott found ways to work it out over the past couple of years, taking our two car payments and turning it into one a year and a half ago. But when his company did away with offering a demo to drive on a daily basis and we were forced to purchase another vehicle, the Mustang was, in my opinion, on the chopping block again. Insert bone of contention once more...

Little did I know that all that needed to take place to get rid of said shiny red spoiled Mustang was for the Auburn Tigers to go to the National Championship Game.

It was a painful day for Scott, the day he actually relinquished his baby. But it enables us to take our first big trip together (you know, other than one centered around baseball or the typical weekend trip to the beach) as well as decrease some monthly expenditures by paying off some little bills and not have to pay the hefty insurance premium on a red convertible Mustang. Scott was blown away at how much cutting the insurance alone will save us a year, and I was pleased to look at him and say, "TOLD YA." And I am excited to finally go somewhere together since we never took a honeymoon and our whole life revolves around our kids. We've done very little as a couple, and after eleven years of marriage, we deserve a kid-free trip.

So, flight is booked. Hotel reserved. Still no tickets, but we are going out there on a wing and a prayer hoping that we aren't the only people who refuse to pay the ridiculous prices on Stub Hub and Ebay, and that there will be a down-surge in price before the game. We're hoping. If not, we'll be at the very least having a big time in Arizona minus our children watching the game somewhere. Sure would rather be in the stadium, though... I am keeping the faith.



Erika said...

HOly cow! You're not kidding about the ticket prices on Stub Hub. I went just to check it out and that's outrageous. Either way, I'm sure the atmosphere in the area will be a lot of fun!

Rebecca said...

I am going to have to go see these prices.
How exciting for you guys!!! Hope you have a great time and WAR EAGLE!