Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Three little beads...

Friday, Madalyn bounded out the school door with three little beads in the palm of her hand. Two were were white with a hole in the middle, and the other was a dark metallic grey. She was beyond ecstatic with her playground finds. Both my kids have always been like this... they always have their eyes peeled for treasures on the ground, and neither one of them hesitates to pick anything up.

"Look what I found today, Mama!!!"

"Oh, wow... that's fantastic..."

Fast forward to Sunday morning. Scott and I are in Madalyn's bedroom placing all her belongings back in her room. He and one of our friends had been busy since 8:00 putting together her surprise birthday gift... a loft bed. Both the kids had spent the night with my parents on Saturday night so that we could get the old simple twin bed frame out and the new big-girl bed in and make it be a big surprise for her. Two of the beads were on her dresser - the white ones - and the metallic bead had fallen to the floor below. I tossed them in the trash bag I had on the floor that already contained a couple of broken Barbies and random Barbie appendages that were disturbingly mixed in with the bag of tiny Barbie clothes. I figured the excitement of her unexpected gift would bury the thought of those random little beads. But, I figured wrong...

Last night, Madalyn came to me in a panic.

"Where are they? Where are my little beads? There were three of them... they were on my counter..." (Translation: counter = dresser in Madalyn-speak.)

"Hmmmmm..." (insert unbearable load of mommy guilt, and anticipate a HUGE mommy lie) "I don't know, Madalyn... I don't remember seeing them, but we were so busy getting your bed together and putting all your stuff in your room to surprise you... they could have fallen on the floor..."

Here's the question I pose to the blogosphere... is a mommy lie a real lie? I mean, does our Maker designate in His heart the difference? I would like to think so, but just in case, I will discuss that in private with Him later... I digress.

Upon reminding Madalyn of the big surprise of the bed, she tucked her lip back in a wiped the over-dramatic pouty look off her face and moved on. But I still felt awful, and as I type these words, I have to remind myself that I must respect what's important to the little peeps in my house, though they make no sense to me at all. Little beads, the 523 hickory nuts I found in David's room, the 6,790 papers brought home from school so far this year... they are all a part of who my little people are, and I need to have a little more respect for the things they value. Hard to do when we are overstuffed in this home already, but maybe next time I'll ask before I toss. Maybe. Well, it'll depend on what the item is and how likely I am to get away with tossing it in the trash without having to tell a mommy lie...

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Erika said...

I've been really bad about this lately. I understand it's their stuff and they "treasure" it, but I just have a hard time keeping it when it just sits there doing nothing and they don't look at it for months. I've adopted the policy that if it sits in one spot, that's not their room, for more than a few days, then it goes in the garbage. This is mainly drawings they leave around and random toys, (esp from McD) that are left around. I was a bit brutal though with cleaning out Peyton's room lately. I couldn't help it, just GROSS! It is a fine line though.