Thursday, December 2, 2010

That's what children are good for...

Children... they keep things interesting, don't they? Always keep you on your toes, never sure of what lies around the corner or under foot or in a jewelry box.

Last night, while Madalyn was in the bath tub, I was bustling about her room straightening and putting things away. You know, doing what Madalyn should have done the past two nights when I asked her to, but she didn't. Look - I am a pretty good mom, but the one thing I have always slacked on is making my children clean up their own messes. But we all have our faults, right? Anywho... I'm cleaning up her room for her, and jewelry is all over the place, as usual. When I find the jewelry all over the room, I try to put it back in its proper place - in one of the four or five jewelry boxes Madalyn has in her room.

I moved over to the chest of drawers to put some things in the little silver plated heart shaped jewelry box. I opened it to find it already full of none other than pistachio shells. Yes, pistachio shells. Not little plastic rings or beads or rubber animal bracelets but freaking nut shells. Exhibit A:

Pretty little jewelry box full of nut shells.

A few weeks ago, I did a thorough cleaning of David's room and was surprised to find close to twenty hickory nuts all over the room. They were every where. Under the dresser, on top of his TV, in his box of hot wheels. I am still uncertain what the hickory nuts were all about, and now we've added in the pistachios.

Are my children squirrels? Are they little programmed hoarders of nuts who are terrified they won't make it through the long cold winter without tucking something away? At least Madalyn feels more sure she'll eat... she just hoards the shells, which technically could be ingested in a tight spot, but it wouldn't be the most desired snack.

What is the deal with the NUTS? Forget the fact that I clean up my children's rooms... forget the fact that they are disgusting and still need to learn to clean up after themselves... what do the nuts mean? And why are the children hiding them in these weird places?

Kids. Definitely keep you wondering, you know.

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Erika said...

Well, at least it's not the dried lizard Peyton had in his drawer. And yes, they are strange little hoarders. And I'm going to have another one. Whhheeeeee!!!!