Monday, November 15, 2010


In the wee hours of the dark morning, I heard the rumble, low and deep and far away. The end of rumble shook the house and rattled the windows, and I waited to hear the little pitter against the pile of the carpet in between her room and mine. Within five seconds, there she was, piggy and blanket in hand along with a stuffed dog and lamb. Without any words, I helped her up and over my body and into the middle of the bed safely tucked beneath the covers.

Madalyn is fierce and tough and sassy and loud. Until a rumble of thunder. Whether day or night, she's frightened of the noise. During the day time, she'll find me, curl up in my lap, or ask me to stay with her. And at night, she makes her way into the bed with Mama and Daddy to keep her safe. In her defense, she sleeps in the loudest room of the house. The big double window with large arch above it doesn't put much in between her and the noise of the outdoors, and the window rattles deeply with each rumble of thunder during a storm. At almost six, she still climbs in bed at the slightest sound of thunder near or far away.

I must admit that there are nights I hear that thunder and think, "Crap... here she comes..." Madalyn is a bed hog. She has the smallest body of the family but somehow takes up the most space. She wants to get in the middle of the bed, but she likes to kick at least one leg out of the covers which interferes greatly with my strategy for keeping warm. She's a cuddle-bug that likes to lay right up against you or on top of your body, and she changes positions several times during the night. So, when Madalyn is in the bed with me, I don't get much rest.

But, there are some nights I don't mind. There are nights that I lay there listening to her breathe and enjoying the warmth of her little bitty self against me. I enjoy the furry friends she brings along for the safety of mom and dad's bed. I enjoy the fact that she wants to act so big during the day when there's no thunder, when in reality she still needs me for so much - safety from the thunder as one of those things. I like it that she's still small and innocent and my baby girl.

Last night was one of the latter. One in which I enjoyed her cuddling up with me. One in which I realized that these days are flying by so fast. That I can never get them back. That one day, sooner than I think, she won't be bothered by the rumbles of thunder that scare her so now. That she won't need me in the middle of the night or the middle of the day or to fix her lunch for school. That she won't be little. That she'll be big with big problems to help her solve. Not the simple rumbling of thunder that is solved with a hug and a cuddle.

Lord ~ protect my little girl as she grows... my precious baby girl.

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