Monday, November 1, 2010

The one about Halloween...

Another Halloween come and gone. Another search for costumes. Another eating through the first couple of bags of Halloween candy only to have to go out and buy more the week of the actual event. Another ride around and freeze your booty off after the sweat has barely had time to dry on your skin from the October Alabama afternoon. Another trick. And too many treats.

Last night, we got dressed and went to our friends' home in another neighborhood along with several families from our baseball team and some other poor, unsuspecting people that were asked to join us and actually thought it would be a good idea. My friend, Ker
ri, had made chili and hot dogs, and the rest of us were instructed just to bring something. It must be 100% accurate that great minds think alike because nearly all of us invited decided to bring cupcakes. There were various icing and decorating styles, but they were all cupcakes nonetheless, and I promise that they multiplied - not disappeared - as the evening progressed.

Our friends always find a trailer and hitch it behind their truck, and we drive around the neighborhood tricking and treating and having a ball. This year, the trailer was full of little goblins who were chomping at the bit to go out and beg for strangers to give them candy. Does Halloween not go against all that we teach our children is reasonable and right? Anywho...

Madalyn looked adorable in her pretty pink witch ensemble. I did manage to get a couple of pictures which proved to be no easier for this event than normal. Why on earth would I expect it to be any different? This year, the sun was in her madame's eyes, and then she stepped in ants, and it really just went all downhill from there. And David, the bloody masked murderer, was really too cute to claim to be a murderer. Maybe he should have said he was one of those really handsome and charming serial killers - you know, the one that lives ne
xt door and no one suspects.

We made it home with the finest batch of Halloween candy I've seen to date. I'm talking about the good stuff, people, not the wax-papered peanut butter flavored chews. I'm talking Snickers, Twix, Butterfingers. I was amazed. The homes we visited spared no expense this ye
ar. One house in particular had a couple of disturbed teenagers in the front yard chasing children around with a weed eater and a shovel while dressed in incredibly awful masks. Even I
shuddered a little at the sound of that shovel dragging across the concrete. It's an eerie sound, folks, no matter how old you are or not-scared you claim to be.

All in all, Halloween turned out to be a success. For the kids. Me, on the other hand, have already gained 25 pounds just from sorting the candy and taking in the smell of all that fantastic chocolate. I also woke up with heartburn in the middle of the night last night I would assume from grazing for twenty minutes at the food table after our trick-or-treat excursion. But I wouldn't trade these good times and great memories with my kids for anything. At least, I don't guess I would...

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