Monday, November 22, 2010

Madalyn's Taste in Boys

With David down for the count yesterday, that left plenty of opportunity for hanging one-on-one with Madalyn. And, for anyone who's spent more than five minutes around her, time with Madalyn is never short of interesting. She's spicy and sassy, and one can never predict just what she'll say next.

Last night, Scott, Madalyn, and I were sitting in the garage (yes - I said garage; ours is like a the third living room we didn't realize we needed) with Buddy and watching football. After seeing pictures of her preschool boyfriend's birthday party on Facebook, I decided to ask her something...

"So, Madalyn, do you ever think about Sam anymore?" {Sam was her dearest friend in preschool last year, her boyfriend all throughout 4K.}
"Are you just over him?"
"Well, I think about him sometimes. But, you know, I have a boyfriend."
"How many do you have?"
She held her tiny pointer finger up, brown eyes brimming with every radiant emotion known to man. "Matthew."
"But I thought you said Grayton wanted to be your boyfriend, too?"
"I told him no way."
"But why?"
"You know........ sad faces. He gets them all the time."
At this point, I am laughing out loud, and daddy steps in to the conversation.
"That's right, baby girl. You stay away from those bad boys. Your mama had a thing for the bad boys. She picked one the first time, and just didn't have enough. So she thought she'd try again..."

Sad faces. Who knew that sad faces on your conduct folder was a part of the boyfriend picking criteria in kindergarten, but apparently it is. My question is this: at what age does it shift? At what age will she find herself drawn to the boy telling dirty jokes in the corner and chewing gum in class and picking his nose for laughs? Hopefully never. Hopefully she will continue to check their conduct folders on a regular basis to determine if they are worthy of her adoration. Hopefully.

Madalyn is all about the conduct folder, I assure you. When I go to eat lunch with her, I get the rundown on who has been naughty that day and how many sad faces so-and-so has. She's quite serious about it, and her record is blameless at this point. And, for those who have been on the phone with me during one of her many crazy tantrums, a clear conduct record seems nothing short of miraculous. But somehow, she has managed to work the system immaculately, and she expects the same out of her boyfriend. I admire her her high standards, and I pray that they work their way on up through the age bracket with the grace of a sliding scale. I pray.


carrie said...

This made me laugh for several reasons: 1). She is so serious about that boyfriend stuff and she is in K. 2). She seems like a 5 year old stuck in a 20 year old. So funny to see how she explains herslef. 3). I worked the system as a kid. I gave my mom grief but was the student every teacher wanted in class. So funny.

Erika said...

Shey also has a blameless record this year, which is refreshing after all the sad and straight lined faces Peyton got in K. I knew our two were meant to be together!