Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rough Week...

It's been a rough week. I wanted to say bad, but I try to stay away from that word because just when you think things are bad they tend to automatically get worse.

We started out the week with fever and strep throat in the littlest Blair... Miss Madalyn. Not that her being sick was all that terrible, but it's stressful when your little one is sick and feverish and in that cry-at-the-drop-of-a-hat mood. By Tuesday night she was good as new, even proclaiming to us all, "I'm back!!" Indeed she was back and running all over the place and talking up a storm.

There have been two deaths that have affected families I know this week. One I had already discussed on Tuesday, and then another sweet lady went to be with God last night. She lived a full life - close to 80 years - and was diagnosed with cancer just a short month ago. I am not sure what type she had, but it was obviously pretty well progressed when found. Her husband passed away about a year ago, and in a way, I think the family knows that she is happier to be in heaven with her husband than here on earth. But still, the loss is sad for those left behind.

I also have a friend whose husband is probably in surgery as we speak. He had some sort of rupture in his intestine and a nasty infection has set in. They will have to remove a portion of the intestine and will not know the extent of the problem until they get in there. He's a young man - around 40 - and has a son David's age. And I just can't imagine the stress his sweet wife - who in all honesty is one of the sweetest women I have ever known - is under right now.

On a totally unrelated note, the results for the writing contest I entered a couple of months ago were finally announced late Tuesday evening. My memoir about my summer visits to my grandparents' cabin on Lake Jordan did not place in the contest. I was a little disappointed, I must admit. But I know in my heart that the piece was well written, though in reading back over it I did find a couple of places I would revise a little. And I keep reminding myself that it was just my first contest and that there are many more to come.

Life's disappointments. Letdowns. Losses. I guess it's all a part of the game. But it seems like they come in waves. Has anyone else noticed that? That they come in waves... anywho. I am waiting to catch the wave of good vibes.

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