Friday, September 24, 2010

A post with a touch of whine (not to be confused with wine)...

First things first... my husband's extended vacation has been interrupting my writing time. It's got my schedule all discombobulated. (I cannot believe I spelled that word right the first time, nor that it's actually in the spell check program.) Not that I have a rigorous schedule to begin with, but there is a pattern to my days that I follow throughout the week, some more loosely than others. And my pattern has been affected. But I am not complaining about that - the fact that Scott has been at home with me for over a week and we're both still alive and speaking to one another and laughing a lot speak wonders. Unemployment definitely looks good on our marriage.

What I will choose to complain about today is running, or my lack of ability to do so right now. I have jacked up my shins in a bad way. And, in all honesty, I don't think I can blame it entirely on running. I wore these nifty little shoes all day last Saturday... walking and walking and walking as well as jumping up and down with excitement, frustration, and glee (if you actually watched the Auburn game last Saturday, then you will understand the wide array of emotion). Probably not the best choice of footwear for anyone, especially one with irritable shins and large bunions. But, hey ~ I obviously didn't purchase them for sensible reasons... I mean, who in the world would sensibly purchase orange and blue, tiger-striped, over priced wedge shoes? ME.

Sunday, my shins hurt all day. Monday, when I woke up and got out of the bed, I wanted to drop to my knees and holler out all kinds of obscenities that shouldn't be said in your head much less out loud. I wondered if a little lime green alien had come into my room in the middle of the night and cut out a portion of the complex working of ligaments and tendons that make up the shin and sewed it back together tighter than ever. I can deal with pain, but not when it's with every stinking step you take and it pulsates and throbs even when sitting still. And that's what I've been working with all week. Pulsating, living pain.

I know things could be worse. All I have to do is look around me and know that things can always get worse. My pain is minimal compared to what some are going through right now. It's just one of those things I have to deal with. One of those things that slows down the progression of my goal to run. Hopefully, if I rest the shins a few more days, I'll be able to get back at it. Hopefully my shins will agree with me. We'll see. In the meantime, I'll whine a little about it, but not too much. And I'll definitely avoid wearing the fantastically tacky shoes I wore last weekend. I do love those shoes...

Other than the shins, running has left other marks on me as well. Yes, the muscles in my legs are tightening up nicely, and if I could ever stop eating like a horse and actually lose some of the fat atop the muscles, I think I might have a beautiful physique. But running has also provided more zits - on my face, in my hairline, on my chest and even on my back. I thought when one sweats they sweat OUT the impurities. With the way I've been sweating, I would think that there were no more impurities in the skin to form a zit. My skin - from head to toe - should be glowing like my five year old little girl's skin. But no... my skin looks more like a 15 year old boy that refuses to use the Oxy pads his mom bought for him at the drug store. Oh well. I'll keep scrubbing and medicating and hoping that eventually my skin will figure out its real age.

Okay. I'm done now. I've done all the complaining I'm going to do for the day. Well, that may not be entirely accurate, but I'll try not to whine any more today... I'll try real hard. I promise.

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Erika said...

If I would have showed you those shoes in high school and said, hey, one day, not only will you have a basement that is decorated ALL in AUBURN paraphernalia, but you will wear these shoes to CHEER them on at a game, well, I'm not sure what you would have done. We would have defintitely had a good chuckle over it.