Monday, September 20, 2010

Moving in SLOW.....MO......

I feel like a DVD stuck in slow motion... slowly moving forward frame by frame. I can't tell what's moving slower today, my brain or my body.

Friday morning, I went to boot camp. If I haven't blogged about boot camp, let me begin by saying that it is definitely an activity Satan should consider for the pits of hell. When I say that I sweat during boot camp, it is the understatement of the century. I sweat so much while doing the boot camp exercises that it pools up in my ears and runs down the tip of my nose. Disgusting. This past Friday was tough. I mean, it was beyond difficult. I don't know if she was trying to kill us or make us stronger - I have learned there's a very thin line between the two. All I know is that I am still sore on Monday morning, and I am guessing I'll still be a little sore tomorrow.

I was supposed to run on Saturday morning, but I couldn't. Well, I could have run, but then I wouldn't have been able to move the rest of the day. And since we were scheduled to go to the Auburn game that evening, I didn't think it would be a good idea. Glad I didn't. My shins are so sore today that I don't even want to walk. Seriously... I do not want stand on my own two feet and move. That's how bad the shins feel today. I am hoping to get a walk in later today, but I can't really make any promises.

Scott and I made it to the Auburn game. We had a great time and sat with some fantastically fun people (shout out to my Aunt Carol and cousin Leigh who I know are reading this!!) and cheered Auburn through the entire game and OT. Hello - long game. Jumped, shouted, drank 1,000 ounces of water, sweat out 2,000 ounces of water... and got home close to 1 AM. FYI - I cannot stay up until 1 AM anymore. I am WAYYYYYYYYYYY to old for that!!

So, today, I am paying for not having fun at boot camp and having fun at the Auburn game. Funny how he not having fun and having fun are no different in how they make your body and mind feel. Funny how I feel like I am 87 years old today. Funny how I plan to do as little as possible today....

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lsdesmarais said...

I am way too old for that too! And i chose to do it 2 nights in a row! So glad y'all got to come, but next time, please don't lead us into overtime! :)