Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, Summer... where have you gone????

Time is flying faster and faster as the years roll by. The phenomena my parents warned me about in my youth has set in, and I am feeling older and older by the minute. This school year is the first that both my kids will be in the public school system. A kindergartner and a 4th grader. Just doesn't seem right.

Yesterday morning we went to meet Madalyn's teacher. We are fortunate to already know her well; she was David's teacher in kindergarten! I am so excited to have her again. She won me over at the parent meeting four years ago when she advised all the parents that God had called her to be a kindergarten teacher. Her boldness to pronounce it as her calling as well as her obvious love for the children made my heart swell. She is an amazing teacher, and I have been praying that she can open Madalyn's mind up to learning.

Madalyn is very excited about school, far more than her brother was when he started. David was excited, but he was (and still is) more of the nervous type (just like his mama). But Madalyn has grown up taking David to school and going inside to eat lunch and attend parties or functions. So she already feels comfortable in the building. With David, that was our fear - the building, the large number of children, the uncertainty of an unfamiliar place. But with Madalyn, my fears surround the fact that she still doesn't recognize half of the alphabet or numbers. She is so behind where David was intellectually at this age that I fear she will lag behind. But I think I forget that what she knows is quite average for her age. I don't worry about her capability to pick things up, I just hope she doesn't start out behind.

We also went to David's new school yesterday and met his teacher. We've been at our sweet little elementary school for four years now, and now we move over to the intermediate school to merge with the kids from the other elementary school for 4th and 5th grade. Let me say it is HUGE. It's a maze of hallways, a new section of the building and an older section. It was so strange. I feel like he's leaving the safety of the elementary school right beside my house and going out into the wolves. His teacher seems very nice, and I've been told she is one that everyone raves about.

I was incredibly disappointed to see that little Miss T is in David's class again this year. This is the young girl who calls and leaves messages for my son that I believe are not appropriate for their age. I saw her eyes widen with excitement when she saw David, and she looked at her mom and said, "Oh, his hair has gotten so long..." Gheeze. Do not fear: Meddling Crazy Mama will be sending the teacher an email advising her of the situation and requesting that she attempt to keep them as far away from each other as possible! I have already warned David not to let "that little girl distract you from your school work." Of course, David is incredibly irritated with me when I say these things, but I continue to tell him that he will understand how I feel one day.

David claims he will ride the bus this year. I knew he would be riding it home as it would just be too difficult to try to be two places at one time at dismissal time. But he claims he wants to give it a try in the morning, too. We met the bus driver yesterday, and she seems like such a sweet lady. She told David she would pick him up right in front of the house at 7:05. So, we'll see - we'll see if he can pull off getting up that early and getting out the door on time!!! We'll see if I can pull it off!!!! Life is about to change for me BIG TIME! Getting one out the door for school is not such a big deal, but two.... and the second one is Madalyn.....

Oh, dear me......

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