Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Person...

I've always tried to think of my children as little people. They each have thoughts, likes, dislikes, dreams, needs, and desires of their own separate and apart from mine for them. The older they get and more vocal they become, the more difficult it becomes to give them what they want. This school year with David riding the bus, he has become better friends with some of the boys in our neighborhood. Our house is the second house as soon as you turn into the neighborhood, so we don't come in contact with many kids on a regular basis. But now, David wants to constantly go here and there and everywhere. He comes in a calls his friends and is either over there or they are over here. It's weird, and I must admit, it has taken me off guard. I was accustomed to David and Madalyn playing with the next-door-neighbor or the little boy a couple of houses down. But this sudden desire for my son to be anywhere but home is hitting me hard.

It's nerve racking. He wants to ride his scooter or bike all the way to the back of the neighborhood, and it's hard to let go. It's hard for him to ride off not knowing exactly what he's doing or if he's okay. It's hard to let him go to the houses of friends whose parents I don't know that well. It's just plain hard all the way around... and don't even get me started about how Madalyn freaks out when he leaves. It's just created all this tension and weirdness at the house. Take for instance today. It's been raining off and on all day, and David still wants to go off on his bike. I said no. So now he's mad at me, and claims that being here at home is boring.

I know it's all just a part of life. I know he's getting older and wanting to expand his horizons. But life seemed a little easier when he was happy to be here in the safety of his home with me where I can monitor what he's doing. Not wandering about the neighborhood, going into the homes of other people, hanging out and socializing on the sidewalk with other boys without any supervision.

What's a Mama to do??? Pray. I guess that's all I can really do.

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