Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What a Blessing!!

Wow. What a blessing it has been to volunteer so far at VBS this week. And it's only been two days! There are three more to go, and I'm excited to see what I can learn just by sitting back and watching the kids learn.

Yesterday, on the very first day, in our second group of kids that came through our room, a young inquisitive girl asked a question about the Bible story for the day that none of the adults in the room could answer. We were talking about the story of Peter who was imprisoned by King Herod for spreading the Gospel. The angel appeared to him and released his chains setting him free and saving him from execution. This little girl wanted to know how long Peter was in prison. Why did she want to know that??? I couldn't tell you... but she was very interested, and when no one could provide her the answer, I promised her I would have it for her in the morning.

So, I came home and Googled it, like any red-blooded American does for the quick answer to nearly any question these days. What did we do before Google? How fantastic are the minds that put together a search engine that you simply put in a question or topic and get a multitude of results!! I digress... the Google results didn't provide an answer at all. So I did what I consider my second best information source on most things, but especially the Bible - I called my dad. He didn't seem to know either, and he even read through the passage in the Bible about it which really didn't spell out the clear answer either.

I woke up this morning with the little girl on my mind. I needed an answer for her, and I wasn't satisfied with just a simple, "It doesn't really say." So I sat down this morning with my Bible that has a built in concordance at the bottom (thank for that one a couple of years ago, Dad!) and went over the passage myself as well as the explanation at the bottom of the page. And I finally figured out that he was imprisoned during the Festival of the Unleavened Bread and was due to be executed on the final day. The Feast typically lasted seven days. There it was - that was my answer! He was in prison around a week's time. I could go back knowing I had a full answer for the inquiring mind.

Good thing I got the full scoop. Sure enough, she came through the door of the class room this morning and asked me if I had the answer. And she was so glad to hear I had the facts for her. I couldn't help but tell her that of all the kids that came through the door on that first day of VBS, she was the only one who asked that question. I added that I was glad she did because it made me sit down and read the story for myself, and it was indeed a wonderful story. It also gave me the opportunity to have a fantastic conversation with David this morning about what people gave up so long ago to be Christians. Some gave their freedom while others gave their life. And while we may not ever be imprisoned for believing in Jesus, we'll be faced with situations in life where we may be forced to make a choice between our beliefs or another person or a job or whatever. That it's tough to be a Christian - to make the right choices and live a life pleasing to God. That I still struggle in making the right choices as an adult.

I've just been reminded of my own weaknesses in the past two days - mainly that I have a hard time depending on God. And there's nothing better than a bunch of kids who are just so excited about stories from the Bible to remind you what it's all about!

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