Monday, June 14, 2010

The hottest I"ve ever been...

Yesterday, upon leaving the ball park, I commented to one of my fellow Bandit parents, "This is the hottest I've ever been in my life." And I really think it was. And, heck... all I did was sit and watch baseball. I can't imagine how the boys felt in the heat on that field for three games on Saturday and two on Sunday.

I am happy to report that we won all our games. It's been a while since I've been able to say that, so I am basking in the glory right now. There's nothing worse than sitting in the heat for two days only to get down to the final game and LOSING. I can handle the heat if we take home the victory.

Yesterday, we played a team we play quite a bit in the championship game. We've had a good relationship with the coaches and parents along the way. Last year, we played several practice games with them. But, since they beat us in a tournament in Millbrook back in early Spring, things haven't been the same. Not on our part but rather on their end. The parents on their side have been more obnoxious, and the coaches have been down right rude. At one tournament, when our head coach greeted the other head coach, he said in a rather ugly tone, "Why do you guys always have to show up?" Wow... excuse us. I guess we didn't realize we weren't actually supposed to play baseball. Then yesterday, the ugliness was even more obvious. In the first or second inning, our boys were stinking it up on the field. Our head coach called a time out and huddled them all in the middle for a talk. Usually, the players will start the "Huddle, huddle, must be in trouble" cheer. Yesterday, one of the coaches took it upon himself to start it. Then after the game was over, their head coach refused to line up in the middle of the field with all the players and coaches to shake hands. Classless.

I don't really understand what the stinking problem is. I know the old saying, "Everyone hates a winner." But we've had our rear ends handed to us a couple of times this season, too. Yes, we're a good baseball team, but that's no reason to hate us. I get wanting to beat us, but for the adults to be more excited about it than the actual players... well, it's a little odd to say the least. You should always want to win, but you should never lose your composure and should always try to exemplify class to your players.

Another odd thing from yesterday was a little boy on the opposing team over-heating in the middle of the game. It happened to be their head coach's son. At first, I couldn't quite figure out what was going on. The kid was playing second base, and I noticed the coach talking to him in the middle of the field. Every time the coach would walk away for the game to start back, the kid would sorta follow him. It was obvious he wanted off the field. Finally after a few minutes of back and forth, they pulled the little boy off the field to cool off. His mom stripped his socks off and put a fan on him. I thought it funny that they didn't get all his clothes off of him and get him somewhere cool - you could easily go get your car cooled off and he'd have a safe place to sit. Your child's life is nothing to play with in 100 degree heat. But they didn't - they sat under a tent, and before I knew it, mom was putting the boy's socks and cleats back on and putting him back on the field. I made it clear to all the parents around me at that point that under no circumstances would my son be back on the baseball field if he had overheated in that way. It takes a lot for a child to even realize they've gotten too hot, so for him to want to come out of the game speaks a ton as to how he was feeling.

You know, I love our team. I do. And I am so thankful to have coaches that care about our boys. David sat out an entire game on Saturday morning because he complained of his shoulder hurting. Our head coach said, "You know - it's just not worth risking injury." Before the second game, one of our coaches worked with David, starting out throwing from very short distance and moving out further to see how his arm felt. I know that I can trust my child with these men - that they will use their best judgement and keep him safe, as well as show him how to maintain composure on the field. And that to me is just as important as winning.

Of course, winning is pretty awesome, too.


Erika said...

It really is obnoxious when the adults are showing their butts like that. It makes you just want to look at them and say, "Dude, really?!?!" And then punch them in the face. ha ha And yeah, it is HOT!

Rebecca said...

I thought I was hot at the games in April. I can't imagine sitting out there right now.
Be careful! My sister's husband had a heat stroke yesterday from cutting the grass outside. Nothing to play around with!