Friday, June 4, 2010

Aaaaaaahhhhh... Summer....

Summer. It is indeed upon us. Right on the very top of my head, beaming down in full humidity and sunlight all it has to offer. Sleeping fifteen minutes later than usual. Maybe a few minutes of peace after Scott leaves for work and before the kids wake up. Mowing the grass. Swimming. Sunning. Later nights, fewer real baths, and more of those "Sure swimming after dinner counts as getting clean" nights.

I hope my kids are enjoying their limited days of freedom. I've really tried to let the little things go that tend to aggravate the crap out of me. I even allowed my kids to completely destroy the entire living room the other day making a village of tents. They used every blanket in the house and even made their way downstairs to retrieve the beach towels. They took the dining room chairs (seldom used for dining anyway) and used them to support roofs and walls of fabric. I had to tell myself it was okay... that the sound of them pretending together and actually getting along made up for the upheaval of a space usually dedicated to adults. I had to remind myself that in just a short amount of time, my kids won't claim to have ever built a tent or fort with blankets, especially not with each other.

On the agenda of summer fun this week is VBS. Last year, David didn't go as Scott was on a week's vacation. And honestly, he really wasn't excited about going this year. I can't quite figure out where my kids get their utter lack of zeal and enthusiasm to do or try new things. I guess I wasn't a big fan of change in my childhood either, so maybe they get it from me. Who knows. This year, I volunteered to help so that Madalyn could go. And I had kinda decided not to do it - as I said, David didn't want to, and he's going to a baseball camp on Wednesday and Thursday (and believe me - he's totally psyched about that!), so I figured it wouldn't be worth the effort. But at the last minute yesterday afternoon after a somewhat frantic call from the drama director, I formally committed to fill a spot.

First, it's kinda weird working VBS for a church where you aren't a member. Not only am I not a member at Westwood Baptist, heck... I'm not even Baptist. I don't think they really care who you belong to or claim so long as you have a pulse and are willing to help! VBS is a huge undertaking these days! It's nothing like the ones I grew up loving. There's all these different stations with crafts and games and movies, and I am helping with the drama department.

I must admit, I was a little nervous. I don't know many people there. I had no clue what I'd be required to do. But it brought back so many wonderful memories of my childhood in the church... so many memories of the puppet shows I used to do for children's church, for our Summer mission trip in high school where we went in and taught VBS for a small church in Georgia, for doing VBS with my grandmother and cousin when I was twelve or so. Basically, it reminded me of how much fun it used to be to do something for children ~ to do something for the only sector of the world that for the most part is eager to learn, excited about life, and brimming with questions. I got to play a small part in the little skit assigned for today, and that was fun. I got to interact with the kids. I got to have fun. At church - a place where so many of my earliest hurts were experienced. I had the opportunity to remember what it's all about - spreading the message of God.

So I am excited to go back tomorrow, even though I'm not sure either of my kids is. David's counting down the days to Wednesday when he can go do something he just never gets to do... play baseball. And Madalyn is going back tomorrow looking for games (because I told her there would be games, and in her humble opinion, nothing they did today resembled games close enough). And I am going in tomorrow hoping to have another positive day, perhaps opening back up a part of me that's been closed for so long now.

Summer fun.

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