Thursday, May 27, 2010

Something to Share

I've been following the blog of Sherri Burgess, the wife of Rick Burgess and mother of little Bronner Burgess who drowned in their family swimming pool a couple of years ago. It almost sounds flippant and irreverent to say a couple of years ago... truth is, I can't remember what year it was, though I am sure they will never forget the exact day, date, time, weather and any and every possible detail surrounding the loss of their precious little baby boy.

I remember being moved by the event. Mainly because we have a pool in the back yard and Madalyn was around the same age as their son. I remember listening to Rick's talk at the memorial service. I remember wondering how they could still be upright and walking around and talking and doing the day to day things of the world after their loss. I did then and still do admire their tenacity for and faith in the Lord. I not only admire it, I covet it. I know we are commanded to not covet, but I truly do covet their closeness to the Lord. Just being honest.

I wanted to share with you Sherri's post for today, little Bronner's birthday. He would have been five years old. I can't help but look at my Madalyn and realize that they lost these precious years with their child - the pre-school performances, him learning to write his name, his excitement about going to big school, and learning to ride a bike without training wheels. And yet they are solid in their footing. Solid in their purpose. Solid and set on leading people to the Lord even through their son's loss.

I am humbled by them.

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Sylvia said...

I will never forget hearing on the news that night what had happened. I felt like I had lost a family member and didn't know who to call first and realized Rebecca was the only person that it would affect like me. I will also never forget waiting for the show to come on that Monday morning and how the show opened so differently with Bubba struggling to hold it together. For days, when I would wake up in the morning, I would wonder what it would be like to be Sheri and wake up and your child not be there. I always know Bronner's birthday because he shares the day with 2 close friends of mine. Reese was a little younger than Bronner and it hits close to home when you have one the same age. They are amazing people and I am looking forward to reading Sheri's blog today and watching the video. When we visited the studio in April, I had could not think of any of the million things I wanted to say to them. It's a weird situation when we feel like we know them so well and many things about their lives and of course they know nothing about us other than we are listeners. They were friendly and gracious and made us feel welcome.
Thanks Tamara for your thoughts today and every day that you write. There are many people that read your blog that you are not aware of. Have a nice reunion this weekend!