Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I had my meeting with the admissions guy this morning, and all I left with was a stinking headache and the feeling that going back to school is not the direction I should take. Don't get me wrong, now - they were beyond nice, and he was completely impressed with the courses I had completed, and he totally acted like they'd love to have me. But when the reality sunk in that I'd have to complete my undergrad (around two years worth of classes) and then continue to grad school (add another two years for that), the dream of becoming a speech therapist drained out of me as the rain is draining down the gutters right now.

I could do it, but it would be a tremendous strain on my family - financial and otherwise. Committing the next four years of my life to being a full-time student would be tough. Even tougher would be committing the $40, 00 - $50,000 it could take to finish the drill.

What I really feel is the need to make use of myself. To use my talent. So it leaves me in this weird place in my mind of taking inventory of myself. What can I do that I just inherently know how to do??? Well, that would be writing. Okay, so how do I take that God given talent and turn it into a career??? That's a little tougher to figure out.

No doubt I have a book in my head. Probably more than one. But how do I do that? Where do I begin? How do I take the stories and experiences that are in my head and put them on paper and then sell them to others? It's the selling part that scares me... I clearly lack the confidence.

So... I guess I'll spend some time in prayer asking God to provide some clarity for me - to provide a direction and me with confidence to follow it.


Erika said...

Well, that stinks. What about just going back for a bachelor's in English? You could edit or something like that?

Rebecca said...

My sister-in-law wrote a book. If you want, I can ask her how that whole process works.

Nana's Notes said...

Well, I figure it this way...since God gave you those many wonderful talents, He will figure a way for you to use them. You just gotta ask Him and He will open the doors. I just KNOW it!!