Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break...

Well, Spring Break is almost over. And I really can't think of a day during this Spring Break that has felt even remotely close to Spring. There's been no sunshine. No warm temps. No springishness at all.

Never fails - David gets sick during nearly every break from school. This go-round it was a crazy, funky, itchy rash from scalp to toes. Literally. Like covered. As in all over. No part of his body spared. He woke up Tuesday morning, and I was completely shocked. I've never seen anything like it. I've experienced hives, but this was definitely not hives. I immediately put a call into the doctor to ask at what point (if any) should I become concerned. The part that bothered me the most was that is was all around his face - surrounded his ears and the back of his neck and started to move down his forehead. I just didn't want to wait in patience with the mysterious rash (as any good seasoned mom would do - why waste the copay and introduction to germs for a rash that just has to work its way out of the system?) only to wake up the next morning and find that his eyes were swollen shut or lips were the size of bananas. Of course, the nurse said it sounded viral and could be something called Fifth's Disease.

Why do kids ailments sound so horrible when they really aren't? Fifth's Disease. Scarlet Fever. Hand, Foot and Mouth. And basically you could sum it all up by saying things like, "It's a virus," or, "Oh... a bad sore throat with fever and rash." It's like whoever made up the names for the ailments said to them self, "I need to call it something really important and scary sounding." Anyway...

So, I asked the nurse what the course of treatment would be if it were this Fifth's Disease. You know the answer. We mothers have heard it a million times before.

"Oh, nothing. It's viral. It simply has to run it's course."

Dr. Crazy Mama hit the google search and diagnosed her son with Fifth's in two shakes and a snap after viewing pictures of other children in the same predicament. And from what I have read, my little man had a pretty severe case. Most of what I read said it tends to be a fairly mild rash with some itching. David, on the other hand, had an incredibly severe rash with a great deal of itching. He's just like me - when his body gets something, it really gets something. Like when I had the chicken pox... I didn't just get a little case of them. Oh, no. I had them in my belly button, in my mouth, in between my toes, inside my ears, and they lasted for like two weeks. I really thought I would just die from the chicken pox.

But he's feeling much better today. Much, much better. And his body doesn't look like he spent the night on a mosquito farm today, so that's definitely good. And I hear that tomorrow should be sunny and 70 degrees. Does that mean that we'll actually get to enjoy one day of our Spring Break???

I hope so...

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